Winemaking… weirdest wine ever.

(Not for the squeamish)

When I first got into winemaking, and I am still a complete novice, confining myself to the safe playpen known as “kit wines”, I soon stumbled onto Jack Kellar’s winemaking home page and marveled at the strange recipes for wine, and realized that the mantra, “if it’s not moving, ferment it!” was only halfway joking. I mean, making wine from nettles? Or sandburrs? But, on Jack’s site, there are the the recipes Ah, those crazy Texans, making wind from sandburrs. Hah. (Oh wait, I live in Texas…. d’oh!)

Well, I guess the Chinese have never heard of this winemaking cheer, “if it isn’t moving ferment it.” Apparently, some folks will try to ferment it even if it is moving. This takes the prize for weirdest wine ever.

Wait for it.

I give you… (well not literally, and you should be damned glad of that)… Baby mice wine.

Bleargh… whuff. Huuuunh.. The thought of it sends waves of nausea through by body.

Saw this on pharyngula

~ by scaryreasoner on October 24, 2007.

One Response to “Winemaking… weirdest wine ever.”

  1. Howdy, I’ve also poked around Dave’s site, and I seem to remember him talking about BLOOD wine. Grodie!!! I’ll just stick with the grapes.

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