Is this some kind of scam?

Last couple of days, I’ve got weird cryptic messages on my answering machine along the lines of:

Hi, this is so-and-so, I’m calling about file #123456. Please call me back at 555-5555 immediately to resolve this matter.

I had no idea what that was about, so I figured it must be a wrong number, and deleted the messages.

Then I get a call at work today, and I guess it’s the same people, they say they’re a collection agency and bought some debt from citibank, and I owe them $105 or so, and start asking me for bank account information. Well this is news to me, first I’ve ever heard of it, and I try asking for a bit more information, and it wasn’t really forthcoming, so I said something along the lines of “how do I even know who you are? To me you’re just some random stranger who calls me, telling me I owe them money. I don’t think I believe you.”

AT that point, she gets her manager, who basically goes through the same drill. I tell them to send me a bill in the mail, and I’ll pay it, if it seems legit (I’m disorganized enough that it’s just possible I fucked up this badly — I did move about a year ago, maybe some mail snafu prevented me from getting bills? I remember getting a mailing from citibank some months ago saying, “we noticed you haven’t been using your card, so we’ve cancelled it.” and at the time, I thought, “yeah, I haven’t been using it, so, ok, that’s fine.” But I did have two citibank cards… was there something funky with the other one? I have no idea. I’m the sort of guy that when I pay my credit card bill, I pay it ALL. None of this month-to-month minimum payment shit for me. But, I do sometimes pay late, out of sheer laziness and disorganization. not necessity. But when I do pay, I pay it ALL. So this is weird. Neither did these people have any details about why they thought I owed them $105.whatever,, or they sure wouldn’t tell me about it. Anyway, she tells me that “We already sent you something in the mail, it should be there today or tomorrow, but now there are finance charges.” (Nothing in the mail about this today, btw. And how’s it my fault if the bill they send gets to me too late to include finance charges? Assholes.) So after I told the lady that there was no way I was giving my bank account info over the phone to a random stranger who called me up out of the blue to scream at me for some supposed debt I never even heard of,” she says, something like, “you have perfect credit. It’s a small amount, $105.whatever. But now it goes on your credit report as a bad debt, and you can deal with that for the next seven years. Have a nice day. -click-”

Real professional. This is the first time they’ve ever talked to me, first mention, and they immediately launch into complete dickhead asshole mode, without even attempting to make the explanation any rational person would require.

Tried to call citibank about this, was on hold for over an hour until the battery on my phone started giving out.

Racking my brains trying to imagine what sort of debt I might have with citibank, but coming up blank.

Kind of thinking it’s some kind of a scam. That would explain it all, and it seems like Citibank would have called me at least once before turning things over to a collection agency over a measly $100.

Ah, who the hell knows. The whole thing just kind of put me in a bad mood though.

~ by scaryreasoner on November 17, 2007.

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