Somebody’s getting to him…

Not really sure how to do a proper link to a youtube video.

I’m just going to put it out there.(caution: strong language.)

Bwaahahahahaha! The cognitive dissonance, Glenn, does it burn?

I poke fun, but, really, I feel sorry for this guy. He is so, sooooo, brainwashed, I fear he can’t ever even begin to think straight. But I have seen one case nearly as bad straighten out, shocking everyone.

Edit: Not to imply I had anything to do with making that video… I didn’t. It’s just something I found on youtube. BTW, here’s another one.

Edit again: And, when he says, “I’m gonna spend the rest of my time preaching the gospel of reconciliation in Jesus Christ and if you don’t wanna listen FUCK YOU!” …

Well. That is just a fucking brilliant statement right there, isn’t it? That might be an even better summary of Christianity (well, shorter, anyway) than Mageth’s

~ by scaryreasoner on November 27, 2007.

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