A cat outside my backyard

Did this one today from a photo I took yesterday of a Caterpillar excavator that’s just behind my house.

22×28 inches, acrylic on canvas:
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The lighting is the way it is because this thing is parked beside a road, and it’s twilight. There’s a barrier preventing you from seeing the cars, but their headlights and red taillights are illuminating the machine.

Obviously this is inspired by Bill Wray, if I hadn’t seen his stuff, I would never have thought to choose such a subject.

I almost didn’t paint this, as the drawing is a bit static, with a centered profile of the machine… That still bothers me, but, that was my veiw — there’s a ditch sort of preventing me from getting any other view.

Hmm, I forgot to put the telephone poles in… May have to fix that.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 9, 2007.

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