Speed painting Sargent’s “Two Wine Glasses”

I’d been thinking for awhile about doing a copy of Sargent’s Two Wine Glasses, but I didn’t like the idea of spending hours and hours and days and days on it, which is what happened with a Van Gogh copy I made once. So, today when I got home from work, I decided to try to paint a copy as fast as I possibly could. I figured it’d be a good exercise in loose painting, and getting things down quickly, and good practice for plein aire stuff, as that generally requires you to work fast.

I picked a 16×20 inch canvas, which is a bit larger than the original. The original is 18×14.5 inches. 16×20 is within 1 percent of the aspect ratio though so that means I didn’t have to crop anything, or squish or stretch anything to get it all to fit. Provided my drawing skills were good, it should more or less conform to the original.

I spent about 15 minutes with a pencil drawing things carefully as I could, (though quickly) to try to make sure proportions were right, etc., trying to establish a plan that would at least make the shapes match the original. It’s wasn’t perfect, but not bad.

Here’s where I was after 1 hour of painting:
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And here’s where I was after 1.5 hours of painting, more or less done:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
16×20 inches, acrylic on canvas.

Not too bad for less than 2 hours “work”, if you can call it work. Not that it’s a race, but I was fairly happy with my color mixing abilities, didn’t get too bogged down there, and the painting wasn’t too bad… but like always, a bit sloppier, um, er, I mean, more painterly than what I was really aiming for.

Here’s a close up of the wine glasses:
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Not really as good as the original… but not too bad.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 13, 2007.

One Response to “Speed painting Sargent’s “Two Wine Glasses””

  1. The wine glasses look good. Cool colour.

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