Be The Wumpus — an “audio only” game

Tux The Wumpus

Some time ago I happened across a little audio-only game called “In The Pit,” by Studio Hunty. In this game, you’re a pit-dwelling, blind monster who lives by eating those who fall into the pit. Being blind, you have to locate and eat these people by sound. This struck me as a very neat idea for a game. But, the game required windows, and an Xbox 360 wired controller, neither of which I had, or was likely to acquire. So I kind of forgot about it, kind of stuck it in the back of my mind.

Having recently bought a Logitech Dual Action gamepad (with rumble effect), and having had mixed results adapting my game, wordwarvi to use this game pad, and having read in the linux kernel, Documentation/input/ff.txt, and been led to think there was some chance in hell the rumble effect might be made to work (there isn’t), my mind began to think about other projects I might be able to use this joystick thing for. And I remembered “In the Pit.”

So, about a week ago, I started working on my own version of “in the pit”, based solely on the description, since I’ve never actually played the game. I called my game “Be the Wumpus”, as the monster reminded me of the Wumpus from the old game, Hunt The Wumpus, well known among long-time computer programmers.

My game is here: Be The Wumpus. It requires a joystick of some sort, and headphones are highly recommended.

~ by scaryreasoner on March 2, 2008.

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