New version of “Word War vi” released, 0.04

I released a new version of my GPL’ed video game on sourceforge:

Word War vi.

(Might take a little while for the video to show up.)

Here’s the change log since the last version:

* Added radar jamming stations.
* Made drawing of sparks a bit more efficient
* Fix compiler warnings, turn on optimization in make file
* Calculate frame rate
* Tighten up test to avoid drawing things off screen.
* Got rid of the floating point calculations in the random number generation
  in the "real time" areas of the code.
* Speeded up the object allocator
* Factored out code to choose initial locations of objects
* Set clipping rectangle for drawing area (I think this gets
  rid of some weird things that happen with gdk_draw_line with
  segments that go out of bounds.)
* Removed unused old debris making code which was superceded by
  the new code.
* Added a black and white mode, just for the hell of it.
* Setup to replace gdk_draw_line with whatever I want
* Changed the behavior of fuel tanks on the ground.  Now, instead of bombing
  the fuel tanks to repair damage, you hover over them, and suck out fuel,
  which powers your sheilds.  This makes a hell of a lot more sense than
  somehow getting damage repaired by bombing fuel tanks, a concept which
  I've always hated, but put in out of laziness, and trying to make the game
  work a bit better.  This change really affects the game play, because it's
  no longer a good strategy to just sort of randomly carpet bomb, as you'll
  destroy your fuel source.  Not sure if it's better or worse game play.
  Will have to live with this for awhile and see.
* Now the blimp has scrolling messages on its side.  :-D
* Made flaming debris bounce around a bit when it hits the ground.
* Now, press 'n' to go immediately to next humanoid.  (for debugging only).
* Made the player's ship interact with the ground a bit better (got rid of
* Added support for joysticks.  Doesn't really work very well though.
  Not sure this game is suited to using a joystick, but it if is, my
  code needs considerable tweaking, I think.
* Try two stick joystick control... not much better, meh.
* Increase number of "cron jobs"
* Increase refueling rate to jack up the action factor a bit
  (not sitting around on fuel tanks waiting to refuel so much)
* Added a lot of comments.
* Fixed Makefile problem that wordwarvi wasn't set to depend on joystick.o
* Now ground color changes each time you advance a level.
* Added a big volcano
* Reduced the bounciness of debris... looked a little too bouncy.
* Made the rockets slightly less predictable.  They're still pretty lame.
* I think I made the joystick controls a bit better.
* Fixed bug that you could snatch a human right from a cron job
  just by running over him.
* Improved appearance of humanoids.
* Fixed bug that humans x velocity was not inherited from their
  abductor when their abductor was shot.
* Now the cron jobs pick up the humans then drop them into the
* Fixed bug, uninitialized variabe.  Occasionally made blimps shoot out
  too many missiles, I think.
* Ship is now damaged by volcano's corrosive atmosphere.
* Radar warns of corrosive atmosphere.
* Fixed a bug that prevented humans from being picked up by the player.
* Made humans line up under player's ship a bit more sensibly.
* Made the missiles which gdb's fire shorter, and ablt to turn faster
  and accellerate faster.
* Prevent the "Ow! My spine!" sound from playing more than once per 3 seconds.
* Put Bill Gates' state of the art warship inside a WINE bottle.
* Added --version option.
* Updated man page
* Updated copyright notices.
* Make the .swp files scream when the cron jobs drop them into the
  caldera of Mount /dev/null.
* Now, when debris hits the ground and bounces, it makes a sound.

~ by scaryreasoner on March 13, 2008.

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