Dick to the Doc to the Ph.D….

Saw this on Pharyngula. PZ’s a bad mutha.

Edit, Sep 29.

It’s been interesting to see the reaction to this video. Lots of comments over at Pharyngula.. Dawkins and PZ both make appearances in thread on richarddawkins.net.

I think I probably got the title of this post wrong, it’s probably supposed to be “Dick to the Dawk to the Ph.D”, the rap idiom “to the” indicating letters or words which follow one another, in a kind of “hambone connected to the..” way, rather than, say, exponentiation.

Some seem to think this video is obviously pro-ID, some think it is obviously pro-science, some can’t tell.

I tend to agree with a poster on the richarddawkins.net site who thinks this was made by a theistic evolutionist.

Perhaps he’s a deist? Whoever made this definitely wasn’t a creationist, and almost certainly agrees with Dawkins about evolution, but I think whoever made this also doesn’t really see eye-to-eye with the self-assured certainty of Dawkins, PZ, Sam Harris, Dennett, Hitchens, and presumably, Eugenie Scott on the issue of the existence of any gods. It reminds me of South Park, in that it kind of “makes fun of everybody”, as South Park is famous for doing, (not that I think the South Park guys had anything to do with this — there are no poop jokes, for starters.)

I confess, I could not stop watching this thing, I found it screamingly funny. Not everyone does, judging by the abovementioned threads.

Some of the things I found funny: Daniel Dennett in a pimp outfit, saying “Yeah!!!”, Hitchens’ “I love booze” headband, Sam Harris with a grill, Dawkins with a sideways baseball cap (which is known to annoy him in real life), PZ with an octopus on his hat, the reference to “framing” (whoever made this reads PZ’s blog)… the movements of the characters hands. “Chuck D.” (Darwin) “raising the roof” and the little head nod he does near the beginning. Dawkins character, saying “we appreciate your concern, it is noted, and stupid.” (Concern trolls, anyone?) Eugenie Scott’s character saying, “You tell’em Rick”, Darwin saying, “if you don’t know me… ” followed by Dawkins, “YOU DON”T KNOW DICK!”, and later, “don’t you know that this Dick is un-cock-freakin’-blockable?” So many little touches just make this thing work.

Some of the things I found a little grating (because they try to make points I don’t agree with):

“On the shoulders of midgets we built up this machine!” (uttered by the Sam Harris character) What’s that supposed to mean? Maybe still trying to suck in the creationists?

At one point Dawkins’ character says, “makin’ more dollahs than allah!” and then there’s a kind of “whuh? hunh?” grumbling from the other characters, and Darwin says something incomprehensible like “Well, I … ” What’s that supposed to mean?

Near the beginning of the video, “Big Gadget, this is Little Tool…”, clever, in a Get Smart kind of way, though I kind of think that bit at the beginning was designed to suck creationists into watching it, thinking it would be something supporting their views.

I don’t understand what the deal is with Darwin falling on his face on the ship… what’s that about?

Dawkins character saying, “I’m like the Catholic, the Muslim, or even the Jew, believes that no god but science could ever be true.” — well, this is a completely fucking idiotic thing to put in Dawkins mouth, and if you don’t know why, it’s because you don’t know dick. It is, in my mind, somewhat paradoxically tempered by the next line, “if I was dyslexic I’d even hate dog too,” which is so over the top in its laughable idiocy that you begin to the think the previous line’s idiocy might have been meant in the same absurd way. The trouble with laughing at such absurdities is that Poe’s law makes things difficult for the internet satirist when the topic is religion.

But, having said all that, mainly it’s just freakin’ funny.

~ by scaryreasoner on March 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dick to the Doc to the Ph.D….”

  1. this video clearly supports atheism. “on the shoulders of midgets” is from Sam Harris’s book and it refers to how Western culture is stunted in areas of “spirituality” and meditation, because Christianity has claimed a monopoly on this domain of human experience.

  2. It’s not so clear as you think, as evidenced by the multitude of opinions expressed on the forums at richarddawkins.net and pharygula.org way back when this video first came out, and the surprise when it was revealed that the maker, Michael Edmondson was hired by the producers of “Expelled”, who claimed to be poking fun at both sides.

  3. Darwin wasn’t falling on his face on the ship, he’s puking overboard from sea-sickness as far as I can tell.

  4. I think Russell Blackford, of Metamagician and Hellfire Club nailed it way back in March of 2008, in post #305 in the comments in the thread when this video appeard on pharyngula the first time.

    Comment #139 over here when the reveal of Michael Edmondson happened on Pharyngula agrees with your seasickness idea.

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