Audio roundup

Been doing lots of audio related stuff lately.

A bit over a year ago, one of my favorite sites folded up and blew away,, which was a great little music collaboration site. It was bought up by, which so far as I was able to tell, completely ignored what they’d bought, and presumably bought it only in order to kill it. There are a few other online music collaboration sites, like, or, but none that had the cozy feel of, which really blurred the distinction between message board and “music projects” in a way which most other sites seem to strive to avoid. On MVB, to start a new music project, you just started a new thread on the discussion forum which happened to contain music tracks. People added on by replying in the discussion thread. Worked great. Other sites seem hung up on the idea of making “studios”, or “project areas”, etc. Why? Why is more than a discussion thread needed? A lot of people seem to think that’s the case, and many people I mentioned MVB to found it not to their liking, so, I suppose, more power to them, to each his own. But, I found MVB’s way to my liking, and sorely missed it when it was gone.

Well, unbeknownst to me, one of the members of MVB started up his own site upon its demise.

it is very much like MVB in the way it operates — a bit better actually, in at least the way audio uploads are handled. So I’ve found a new home for my musical stuff. Cool.

Other audio stuff… Over on freesound, I’ve found a couple people willing to do a little audio character acting in my audio only game, Be The Wumpus. So, I’ve been busy editing audio files, and tweaking the code to make use of this new audio data.

Someone contacted me about packaging up Word War vi for Fedora, but there are license concerns with the audio data, so I’m having to contact the copyright owners of that data to see if they’ll be willing to release their stuff under a Fedora-friendly license. That Creative Commons Sampling 1.0 license is causing a lot of trouble with freesound users and open source programmers, I guess. Oh well.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Audio roundup”

  1. if you enjoy freesound you might also find very useful. it’s an online sound network with thousands of user submitted, free sounds available.

  2. Hi. Thanks, I found soundsnap a day or two ago. Seems like a good site.

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