word war vi v. 0.06 released

Released a new version of Word War vi 0.06.
Changes since last time:

* Now lasers look a bit cooler
* Humanoids drop a little slower… easier to catch in midair.
* Fixed a couple of compiler warnings.
* Cleaned up the “intermission” screen between levels
* fixed bug that bonus points didn’t actually apply to your score.
* Give player 1000 pt bonus for catching guys in midair.
* Make sure the humanoids don’t say anything while falling
(too busy screaming).
* Fixed a bug that add_bullet didn’t set o->v to
point to the bullet’s drawing vectors.
Sometimes (why not always????) causing a crash.
Thanks to Hans de Goede for this patch.
* Added “install” target to makefile, and made program look in a sensible
place for sound files if installed. Thanks to Hans de Goede for this
* Fixed a bug that the radar jammers could be subverted just by flying
really high.
* Added dtox3monomix.ogg, which I’d accidentally left out.
* Allow “quarters” to be put in with the joystick buttons.
* Added “uninstall” target to Makefile
* Included man page in tarball
* “install” target installs man page now.
* Improved the way GDB’s fly around.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 12, 2008.

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