Carl Zimmer and Gary Marcus on “Kluge”, and other things

Recently, I was in the local Barnes and Noble, and picked up a copy of Kluge, by Gary Marcus. I haven’t read it yet, or even started. It’s about the brain, and the kluges it contains as a result of its evolutionary history. I came across a conversation between well known science writer Carl Zimmer (of the loom), and the author of the book. It’s quite long, but very interesting. The funniest part (unintentionally) was when the topic of conversation turned to the evolution of the eye. They talked about how the eye is often given as an example of how evolution can result in these “perfect” biological structures, and then proceeded to give examples of how the eye is not perfect, e.g., the photoreceptors are backwards, the nerves are on the wrong side of the retina, the blind spot, etc. But they failed to mention what was not just in front of their faces, but literally on their faces. Both of these guys are wearing glasses.

Anyway, here’s the link. Very interesting video:

Carl Zimmer and Gary Marcus talk about “Kluge” and other things.

Here’s an amazon link to the book:

Kluge, by Gary Marcus.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 15, 2008.

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