Flunked, not expelled.

So, I’m threatened with revocation of my EAC membership if I don’t mention this, so, ok, twist my arm.

The title of this post, “Flunked, not expelled,” I borrowed from a digg post.

“Expelled,” is of course this ignorant, repellent movie which is coming out in a few days which tries to make the case that Evilutionists are the cause of the Holocaust, and a few other idiocies.

Thunderfoot has made a good video: Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 22)

PZ Myers of Pharyngula has been covering this mess for awhile.

ERV (endogenous retrovirus — look it up) has been pounding on these assholes for awhile.

And then there’s the Expelled exposed. site, a good source of information about the deluded fools behind this movie.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 16, 2008.

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