Word war vi 0.9, and a new gravity weapon

So, still been tweaking my little video game, Word War vi, the latest release version being 0.09. It looks like this game will be included on the Fedora 9 games DVD, so that’s kind of cool.

Lately, the most interesting things I’ve added are enhanced renderings of the laser gun turrets which inhabit the landscape, and a new weapon with which to wreak havoc. Used to be, the laser gun turrets were rendered as just a couple lines atop a platform, which kind of aimed at you sort of like a pair of windshield wipers. Now, they point at you from atop a swivelling pseudo 3D turret, and the barrels recoil with each shot. So that’s kind of cool. The new weapon is a “gravity bomb.” It’s a thing you drop from your ship, like a regular bomb, except it doesn’t work by impacting and exploding what it hits. Instead, it works by sucking in everything around it, kind of like a black hole. When what’s around it is a bunch of fire, you get a kind of tornado of fire around the gravity bomb. If you toss the bomb upwards, it travels in a nice parabola, dragging a firestorm of debris along with it. You might think, from viewing the video below, that there were lots of OpenGL effects at work. Not so. Everything you see was done with absolutely nothing but gdk_draw_line — a simple line drawing function.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 7, 2008.

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