Wordwarvi in retro green, and letting the internet do its thing

I’ve made a new release of my little video game Word War vi, version 0.12. The main changes have to do with the “full screen” mode, and resizing the window. Previously, the window could be scaled via the command line, but whatever size you chose, you were stuck with. Now, you can dynamically resize the window with the mouse, like a normal human being, and the graphics rescale in real time. The F11 key now toggles between full screen mode and windowed mode.

I also added a –retrogreen option to make the game look even more old-school, if that’s what you’re into. This isn’t actually in 0.12, but it’s in CVS.

Word War vi’s “retro green” mode.

I haven’t packaged this up into and RPM or a deb, but then, that’s what the internet is for. Turns out, even though all I’ve done is put the source code out on sourceforge, others have packaged this up for me, for Fedora 8, at least. If you’re running Fedora 8, you can simply go to “Applications”, then “Add/Remove Software”, then click the “Search” button, type in “wordwarvi” and bingo, you’ve got it. I think the Fedora repository currently has v. 0.09, so it’s a little behind what’s on sourceforge. Still, pretty neat — the easiest way to package up software ever — let the internet magically do it for you.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 25, 2008.

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