An “Aye!” for an eye

Christopher Hitchens has an article up on Slate.

Losing Sight of ProgressHow blind salamanders make nonsense of creationists’ claims.
By Christopher Hitchens

In it, he refers to Richard Dawkins book, “Climbing Mount Improbable”, which while less well known than “The Blind Watchmaker”, is, I think, a better book. in it, Dawkins discusses various eyes in the animal kingdom, among other things. Probably the most amazing in the book were the eyes of the scallop, duplicating the Cassegrain telescope.

However, as amazing as the eyes of the scallop are, there are even more amazing eyes out there. Consider the eyes of the Mantis Shrimp. Go read the link. I can’t do it justice. They are like nothing else.

Now, (to change gears) here’s a little tip for the next time some creationist waxes poetic about the perfection of the human eye. Take note: is the creationist wearing glasses? It is surprising how often the person claiming perfection of the human eye will turn out to have imperfect eyesight, corrected by glasses. A pithy rejoinder to claims of supernaturally created ocular perfection is of course, “yeah, well, you might want to TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES when you say that!”

And, if you yourself happen to wear eyeglasses, and find yourself discussing things with a creationist who has the misfortune of wearing eyeglasses while simultaneously positing the perfection of the human eye, you might say, “Well, as an atheist, I know why I wear these (gesturing, with eyeglasses in hand, and apparently addressing the wall) — My eyesight is perfect; I only wear these in order to deny God’s supernaturally created ocular perfection, of course. The question is, why do you wear eyeglasses. Vanity, perhaps?”

~ by scaryreasoner on July 22, 2008.

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