Be The Wumpus 0.04

I’ve released Be the Wumpus v. 0.04, my little linux audio-only game in which you play a blind, cave dwelling monster (a Wumpus) who eats the unlucky folks who happen to wander into his lair. It is modeled on what descriptions I could find on the net of a little Windows game called “In the pit,” by Studio Hunty. Now the program decodes the ogg files directly to memory, rather then to disk, saving quite a bit of disk space, but more importantly, now it supports the xbox 360 controller and the rumble effects work. When you start getting close to your prey, a very slight vibration begins, and the closer you get, the stronger the vibration. Works pretty well. (You need linux kernel 2.6.26 or better for the rumble effect to work though.)

~ by scaryreasoner on July 22, 2008.

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