Roger Scruton is a moron.

Roger Scruton has written a little piece called The Return of Religion, and the religion which he argues is returning, is atheism.

He says, “The violence of the diatribes uttered by these evangelical atheists is indeed remarkable,” referring to Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, and Dennett, and the like. Violence? Really, violence?

Exaggerate much, Mr. Scruton?

Writing a book, a book which can be said, only by way of metaphor, to have done violence only to ideas, does not constitute violence.

And he goes on, wondering, oh so innocently, what more is to be said after the enlightenment: “What more is to be said? And if you must say it, why say it so stridently?”

Why so stridently? Because YOU MORONS JUST DO NOT GET IT, that’s why. You’re like the black knight in that Monty Python skit, Mr. Scruton. Your rhetorical arms and legs have been hacked off. Your arguments are not just mortally wounded, they are flat out dead. They aren’t resting. They aren’t pining for the fjords. They’re dead, you moron.

There are two reasons why people start shouting at their opponents: one is that they think the opponent is so strong that every weapon must be used against him; the other is that they think their own case so weak that it has to be fortified by noise

Project much? There’s a third reason. Exasperation with idiots like you, who insist that their brain dead arguments don’t suck, without ever actually presenting any non-brain-dead arguments.

Referring to the picture of the universe as painted by Science, and the notion that religion encourages people to dismiss science:

Yet I do not know a religious person among my friends and acquaintances who does deny that picture

Well, you don’t get out much then, I guess. Evolution denial is positively rampant in these United States.

The gene and the soup cannot be less astonishing than their product.

This is either a lie, or Scruton is a moron. He apparently has no notion of emergent complexity whatsoever.

He does eventually hit upon an interesting question — that of how consciousness has come to be — how it can be at all — but lack of an answer to thiese questions does not make the wild guess of deity as the cause a good answer. Deity as the answer doesn’t even answer the question — for surely a deity must be conscious itself. And either it became conscious at some point, or always was conscious. The problem remains — how can this be. No question is ever satisfactorily answered with the words “God did it.” That “answer” is not an answer, it is a surrender, a giving up, and it should be admission that one doesn’t know, and that one may never know, but it is not that, but instead it is an admission that you are too stupid to see that your “answer” isn’t even actually an answer, that you are to stupid to know that you don’t know. It’s a fucking wild guess of the stupidest sort, not even acknowledge to be a guess, but asserted as though it were an obvious fact! Just ow fucking dumb do you think I am? Shall I tell you how dumb I think you are if you suppose it is even a reasonable thing to guess? Pretty fucking dumb.

Yet human beings have an innate need to conceptualise their world in terms of the transcendental, and to live out the distinction between the sacred and the profane.

Speak for yourself, dipshit. I have no such idiotic “need.” And any such “need,” is not evidence or even a suggestion that the object of that “need” is somehow true.

For fuck’s sake you humans are exasperatingly shoddy computers.

~ by scaryreasoner on July 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Roger Scruton is a moron.”

  1. I could not imagine a better validation of Scruton’s thesis than your intemperate and disrespectful comment.

  2. Well said sir. Scruton is a moron.

  3. By the way, Scruton also considers political activists “hooligan” and homosexuals a waste of good reproductive potential. Quote from Sexual morality and the liberal consensus (1989): “(…) positive attitudes to homosexuality in society are socially deleterious because homosexuals have no children and consequently no interest in creating a socially stable future.”

    Yep.The guy is a moron.
    Or to be more polite: his arguments lack a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to make any kind of sense at all.

    Oh, and he’s also a stuck-up moralist asshole, to boot.
    Well done, Scruty.

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