How to make laser gun sound effects in audacity

Edit Aug 2, 2008: Below, I keep referring to “sxfr”. Of course I mean “sfxr.”

Here’s one way to make laser gun sound effects in audacity. I’m no expert, and really not even very good at making laser gun sound effects in audacity, but I’ve noticed a dearth of information on this sort of topic on the internet, and having figured out what little I’ve figured out, I figured I’d share it.

One thing I should add — I think one of the keys to getting a good laser gun sound effect — which I don’t mention in the videoi — is a square wave with a variable duty cycle. I don’t know how to do this with audacity. I suspect that it could be done with a custom nyquist plugin, but I haven’t figured out how to do that. I say that because of what I learned on DrPetter’s Home Page, and after hearing sounds there that reminded me a lot of sounds I’ve heard coming out of the classic William’s arcade games Defender, Stargate, and Joust. “DrPetter” is the author of program called sxfr which he wrote to help out game developers. It exists for windows and Mac, apparently, but no linux that I could see… Hm…, this is reminding me of “in the pit, a windows only, audio-only game which was so intriguing I ended up coding up my own variant for linux. I may just have to code up a variant of sxfr for linux, if I can figure out how. Hmm, on second look, I see a portable GTK/SDL version… so I guess I need to check that shit out.

Anyway… for a pure audacity method of making primitive laser gun sounds, check out the video above.

Be sure to also check out the mp3 from sxfr that’s on this page for comparison. You’ll notice that it is very “retro”, and that, by comparison, the sounds I make in my video, well, pretty much suck, LOL!

Look carefully at this page:
DrPetter’s Home Page sxfr.

~ by scaryreasoner on August 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “How to make laser gun sound effects in audacity”

  1. Its a okay thing

  2. […] ‘noise removal’. Der findes desuden et væld af guides til at skabe mange forskellige lyd-effekter i Audacity, så det er et godt sted at […]

  3. Awesome demo!

  4. Dude, there’s no “chirp” option under “Generate” on my audacity 😦 do you know why that may be? I checked the Plug-in libraries on to see if maybe they have the chirp sound on there as an effect, but no luck.

    • I dunno. It’s the very first option under “Generate” in my version of audacity, which is 1.3.9. Could be they got rid of it, or put something else in its place in newer versions?

    • Get the Beta =P

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