C programmers… how do you pronounce “char”?

If you were to read this code aloud:

  char x;

Would the word “char” come out differently than, say, for this code?

 char broiled_pork;

For C code, I pronounce “char” as “care” for the simple reason that it’s short for “character”, and it’s not a barbecue.

Care broiled pork doesn’t sound so bad either, for that matter. Better than carelessly broiled pork, anyway.

And, you may commence your wordplay induced groaning now for all I char.

~ by scaryreasoner on August 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “C programmers… how do you pronounce “char”?”

  1. I always pronounced it like ‘car’ but others I work with say it like your char broiled pork example. I say “lib” and they say libe when talking about libraries. But then I also like my braces { } on separate lines by themselves!

  2. My view is that abbreviations should be pronounced naturally, irrespective of the pronunciation of their root words.

    Thus, when I read code, “char” is pronounced like “char-broiled” (not “character”) and “lib” is pronounced like “libertarian” (not “library”).

  3. I always pronounce them as they would be in cyrillic phonetic in true Greek way. A as in car, i as in liberty, e as in echo, o as in open.

    People who pronounce the i in Linux as in “line” also annoy me 😛

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