Be the Wumpus video

Having shown my Be the Wumpus game to very few people, I wasn’t really too aware of what people might have thought of it. Apparently, it’s a bit more confusing than I had realized. it drops you off in utter darkness with naught but audio clues to what’s going on. If you have joystick troubles, or wonder if your joystick’s working, or have some misconception about how the game operates, it’s not going to be much fun. One person, for instance, thought that the game was a tile based game. That is, that you could only face in 4, or perhaps 8 directions, and moving was kind of square by square, and that it was perhaps some sort of puzzle game in the same way that the original “Hunt the Wumpus” game was. Of course it isn’t tile based. Instead, you can face any direction, and your direction changes smoothly as you press the left joystick to the left or right, and the right joystick moves you backwards or forwards. Well, it’s harder to explain than it is to understand, once you get it.

So, I made a little video:

~ by scaryreasoner on August 16, 2008.

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