Perfect Roasted Chicken recipe

Edit: Oct 11, 2008: This is by far the most popular page on my blog, strangely enough, and if you google “roast chicken recipe”, it is the sixth item on the first page, and if you search for “roasted chicken recipe”, then it’s the 4th entry(!), immediately following Emiril Lagasse’s recipe! (holy crap!) — probably why it’s so popular. I really hope all you people actually try this recipe. It really is spectacularly superb, easily the best recipe, not just for roasted chicken, but for any food, of all the recipes I’ve come across. Take the time to actually make it, it’s worth it.

I came across this recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken about a year ago or so, and have been making it ever since with a couple of my own modifications every once in a while. It is by far the best recipe for roasted chicken that I’ve come across anywhere.

Roasted chicken

Roasted chicken

There are a few things which make this recipe incredibly fantastic. First, of course, the chicken comes out very moist and wonderful, which you’d expect from a good recipe for roasted chicken. Second, you also get roasted potatoes along with it. Third, you get a bunch of delicious veggies as well. But wait! There’s more! You also get a great “Au Jus” to go with it all. And all this happens in a single pan, inside the oven (with some minor stirring on the stovetop afterwards for the au jus.)

So, here’s the recipe (also check out the linked recipe above.) I’ll note where I deviate from the recipe — though this is from memory, so I might not remember all my deviations.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A roasting chicken, about 3.5 lb (1.75kg), though size isn’t critical.
  • A large iron skillet, or other oven-safe large metal frying pan.
  • Some carrots, celery,, and a large onion, (I use more veggies than the original recipe calls for. I have a large skillet, and I like having lots of veggies.)
  • Some potatoes. (The original recipe doesn’t call for potatoes. Again it helps to have a large skillet for this.)
  • A glass of white wine. I use Chateau St. Jean chardonnay. This chardonnay has a very distinctive flavor — in fact it is the only wine I’ve ever been able to name in a blind tasting. Other white wines would probably work as well, especially if you have one you particularly like. Experiment. If you have no idea what to use, well, I recommend the Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay. Usually around $11 to $12 a bottle around these parts.
  • Fresh ground pepper, salt, and rosemary.
  • A little butter or olive oil.
  • An apple, doesn’t really matter what kind, it’s not for eating.


  • Make sure the chicken has thawed if you bought a frozen one.
  • Peel and dice the carrots, onions and celery, and put them all in the iron skillet. This particular combination of diced vegetables is known as mire poix. Make kind of a mound of the mire poix in the center of the skillet. The chicken will sit atop this mound. Season with salt, ground pepper, and rosemary.
  • Cut up the potatoes into bite sized pieces. I usually get the small red potatoes.
  • Prepare the chicken: Remove the giblets, etc. from inside. Put several slices of apple inside (this will help keep the chicken moist.) If you’re like me, half the time you’ll have forgotten to buy an apple. In that case it’s good if you’ve made a lot of mire poix. Put that inside instead of the apple. Note that if you do this, the mirepoix inside the chicken probably won’t cook as thoroughly as the rest of the mire poix, so you’ll probably want to discard it when done, as the carrots will probably still be a bit crunchy. Rub a little butter or olive oil all over the chicken. Season it with salt, ground pepper, and rosemary. Place the chicken on top of the mound of mire poix in the skillet.
  • Put the cut-up potatoes all around the edges of the skillet. Season them with salt, ground pepper, and rosemary.
  • Preheat the oven to 425F (~218C) (you’re going to turn this down later.) Adjust the oven rack to accomodate the iron skillet with a big chicken in it. (For me, this means moving the rack down one slot from its usual middle position.)
  • When the oven reaches temperature, put the whole shebang into the oven. Let it go for about 10 minutes, then turn the oven down to 400F (~204C).
  • Check the chicken after it has been in the oven for a total of about 1 hour and 45 minutes (the original recipe said 1.5 hours, but with the added potatoes and extra veggies, I find it usually takes 2 hours. It probably also depends on the initial temperature and size of your chicken as well.) Use a meat thermometer, or check that the juices run clear when you cut into the thickest part where the leg connects to the body.

Preparing the veggies, and the au jus:

  • Remove the skillet from the oven to the stovetop. Take the chicken out of the skillet onto a platter. Because it’s sitting on the veggies, there’s no problem with it sticking, so this is easy, though more easily accomplished by two people than by one.
  • Remove the potatoes to a serving dish.
  • Remove the mire poix (aka the veggies) to a bowl.
  • Pour a glass of white wine over the veggies, then strain this wine back into the skillet. The wine will coat the veggies giving them a great flavor.
  • turn up the heat on the skillet, and simmer the wine/chicken fat mixture for awhile to drive off the alcohol and reduce it down a bit to intensify the flavor. Then pour the au jus into a serving dish.
  • Carve the chicken, serve, and enjoy.

Edit, Nov 16, 2009: Made this last night. Fabulous as always. Some additional notes: Do not be afraid to make a LOT of veggies. I use an entire bunch of celery, almost an entire package of carrots, four smallish onions, or a couple big ones. Stack those potatoes up. Pile it high. Once you’ve done this recipe a few times you figure out your oven, and you can go by time — for me, now I just know that in 2 hours it’s done. Another tip: When moving the chicken from the pan to the platter, I used to get someone to help me, and we’d each get a couple of forks and kind of lift it from four corners with our forks. No more. Get some tongs. Insert one arm of the tongs into the cavity of the chicken, lightly clamp down on the breast with the other arm of the tongs, and lift the whole thing right up. Very easy quick and slick, and doesn’t need two people, and in fact does not even need two hands. (Saw that trick on a youtube video somewhere — very cool.)

Edit, Jan 17, 2009: DO NOT SKIP THE WINE STEP, YOU ARE ONLY CHEATING YOURSELF.. I’ve noticed a lot of people making this recipe skip the wine step. I’m sure it comes out ok. I am also sure it does not come out mind blowingly awesome. You’ve cheated yourselves out of gastronomic ecstacy.

~ by scaryreasoner on August 26, 2008.

86 Responses to “Perfect Roasted Chicken recipe”

  1. Nice 🙂
    We prefer acid-to-skin, and 20 minutes of 430F before turning it down to 400.

    Usually we let juices drip (with stuffing), and it turns around in the oven, top and bottom heat.

  2. Sorry – as an English man married to a French lady and living in France – I felt I had to correct you. The “au jus” you refer to should just be Jus – translated as Juice. A “Poulet Rôti au jus” is a roast chicken with “Juice” or “cooking Gravy”. The Gravy, sauce juice – whatever you want to call it – is just “Jus” not “au Jus”.

    Apart from that – I LOVE you recipe and so do my half french half English kids!!!

  3. Yeah, that use of “au jus” was bothering me as I wrote it since I surmised, having taken French in high school a few decades ago that it probably meant literally, “with jouce”, and so to talk about “the with juice” was kind of nuts, but I’d seen it so many times in English that I figured it must have been absorbed into the language in that incorrect form — not everything in language makes sense. But you’re right of course. I’m going to leave it written as I originally wrote it, just because I don’t want to whitewash over my own ignorance. I’ll try to do better next time the subject of “the with juice” comes up, heh.

  4. Oh, and I’m glad you liked the recipe, though I can’t really lay claim to it being mine. My contribution is only adding potatoes, which any one could have done. The original, nearly identical recipe can be found via the first link under the words “this recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken” in the original post, above.

  5. lol. i doubt its in google now -.-

  6. Well, damn, if you’d have bothered to check, “roasted chicken recipe” currently returns this page as the very first result.

  7. As it happens, I made this recipe tonight (Nov 16, 2008) and it killed, as usual, leaving no unsatisfied survivors.

  8. Mmmmm…. This sounds great. I’m going out right now to get me a big oven-worthy skillet, and I know what’s for dinner tonight!

  9. That is close to what I do. Except I rub the chicken with more garden herbs along with the pepper (thyme, rosemary and sage, which I also add to the interior).

    But when it is done… Take the chicken carcass, some left over mire pois (or more celery, carrot and onion), pepper corns, one clove, some garden marjoram and enough water to cover. Simmer for a couple of hours and strain. Put the liquid in the fridge. The next day strain off the fat and other solids. Put on the stove and reduce to one quarter or less. That is a glace de viande, which is an enriched broth used to flavor other dishes, or just added to hot water to make a good chicken broth.

  10. this is a very good recipe can’t wait to eat

  11. Ok, I’m going to try this tonight and will let you guys know…

  12. Wow – what a croud pleaser… The wine is key and added such a good aroma. THANK YOU!!

  13. Outstanding…thanks! I bought my pan last night and made it tonight! Fantastic.

  14. Just made this recipe for the second time and just love it! The chicken is so moist and the mire pois makes the whole house smell fabulous during the cooking. A one-pot meal is such a blessing to find and this one is awesome. Thanks.

  15. I’ve got mine in the oven now. I’m hopeful that it’ll be delicious.

    Also – you’re the first google result now. 😉


    Journeywoman has this to say about this recipe:

    Oh.. you want to know about the triumph?
    Well. I roasted a chicken tonight.

    I am a gourmet chef but this simple dish escaped me. Maybe because the first time I made it, I used my mom’s recipe and it was erev Yom Kippur and I think I didn’t cook it enough and it got me sick. But tonight I put fresh rosemary under the skin with slivers of garlic. I put an apple in the cavity and more garlic and rosemary.

    For the rest I followed this recipe with the potatoes and the carrots, onion, and celery. I put it all in my cast iron skillet and roasted it.

    It was amazing. It was SO amazing. It was so amazing my “I don’t really like chicken why are you making a whole one” husband devoured all the dark meat and started picking at the white meat. It was delicious and we are boiling the carcas down for stock and we picked up all the meat so we can make more dinners.

    I LOVE it when a new recipe works.

    It made me stop worrying about the house and how firm we have to be about getting our repairs done.

  17. I made this tonight, May 3, 2009. came out awesome as usual. This recipe has NEVER failed to please. It is nothing short of amazing. I mean… it’s roast chicken… how good could it be? You have no idea. You have NO IDEA. This recipe will blow your freakin’ mind. I’ve been making this thing for a couple years now, and it STILL amazes me how good it comes out. It’s a freakin’ feast!

  18. oh my goodness! THANK YOU for this recipe and method. I’ve roasted a chicken or two in my time, and figured, eh, how different can this really be? But WOW, it knocked our socks off! This method, bar none, produced the most tender and flavorful chicken I’ve ever roasted, complete with a beautiful crispy skin. The step at the end of straining the white wine through the mire poix may seem unnecessary, but trust me, don’t skip it! Adds an incredible flavor dimension to the veggies AND the jus. The only thing I’d cut back on next time is the salt on the veggies, as my jus came out a little salty (my fault). I also added garlic cloves and more herbs stuffed under the skin. Truly a simple but mouth-watering recipe and method. THANK YOU again!

  19. Thanks so much for your tips, the apple did the trick! Everybody just loved this dish 😀


  21. This is the most amazing roast chicken I’ve ever had! And the potatoes and veggies–OMG, they are de-lish!! I have a lot of cherry tomatoes right now, so made some curried ketchup to go with the chicken. I don’t know when I’ve had such a satisfying meal!!!!

  22. I made this with two cornish hens (adding up to about 3.5 lbs total) and it worked out perfectly. As everyone said: juicy, flavorful, delicious. And relatively easy as well.

  23. if i can’t get my hands on alcoholic beverages (i’m under 21) is there anything i can do to substitute for the wine?


    • Hmm. That’s a tough one! Grape juice would be way too sweet. Apple cider maybe? Probably not the same at all, but might be interesting to try. I don’t think there’s really any proper substitute. Nothing’s coming to mind anyhow.

      • What about 0 alcohol beer?

      • Well, there are lots of things you could try, but nothing’s going to make it taste the same as using wine.
        Edit: errr, this was meant as a reply to the person above who suggested non-alcoholic beer as an alternative to the wine. (Don’t know why this comment is sinking to the bottom.)

    • just use some stock – you can find a can of chicken or vegetable stock at any grocery store
      DO NOT use cooking wine, it is overwhelmingly, horrifically salty (to the point of being inedible – and I *like* lots of salt)

  24. Ok, you have tempted me! I googled “best roast chicken recipe” and here you are 😉 Thank you for posting this!

  25. I’m back…I made this roasted chicken last night and it was awesome! I am married to a chef and usually don’t do the chicken roasting, so I was a bit nervous…but it came out perfectly and DELICIOUS! Even the veggies were yummy. The only things I did differently were to add fresh garlic and to drink the rest of the bottle of wine 😉 Oh, and that tong tip for moving the chicken worked great, too. Thanks, Scary Reasoner…I’ll be sharing this recipe!

    • Shocking no one, the drinking the rest of the bottle of wine thing isn’t really different from what I do. 🙂

  26. I made this tonight, a 5.5 pounder…a few changes, I did not add the potatoes (I made baked potatoes on the side) and I did not add the wine, as I didn’t have any white wine handy. My husband said ‘If this was any better, I would have to get on the floor and cry’… It was really great, glad I found the post. Thanks.

    • You left out the wine? Sacre Bleu! Crimes against food! The wine is actually a very important ingredient. It does a kind of magic trick on the veggies, and makes a gravy/sauce/juice that’s just incredible. Try it next time, and, well, I guess your husband will have to just cry on the floor.

  27. I agree…the wine really added something to the flavor. Yum!

  28. It made me stop worrying about the house and how firm we have to be about getting our repairs done.

    Looks like another case of rosemary-induced euphoria.

    Ditto the wine thing – of course! Good choice, and thanks for the inspiration.

  29. I always used a wooden spoon in the cavity to move – that way you don’t bust the crackly good skin.

  30. Unanimous approval from my entire skeptical family. Already making up new variations, including roasted garlic chicken sandwich spread and second day chicken pot pies.

  31. Great recipe like this and the best some can say is that your French grammer is not right, get a life peeps lol, going to have this for Christmas dinner just to have a change, i’m sure it will go down a treat, really looking forward to it, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • For the record, I don’t mind having my grammar corrected, be it French, English or other languages I don’t speak, and in any case that was not the best the person making that comment could say — they also went on to say they liked the recipe.

  32. I don’t have a cast iron skillet, but I do have a (cast iron) dutch oven. Do you think this would work in an uncovered dutch oven, or do the sides need to be really low?

    • I’m not really sure, I’ve never tried it with a dutch oven. I suspect maybe the sides wouldn’t brown as much(?), and/or, the dutch oven being a bit smaller in diameter, the juices and melted fat from the chicken will be a bit deeper, and the veggies a bit more thoroughly soaked? (which might be a good thing.) I think it would certainly turn out edible in any case, and not drastically different, so give it a shot, and let us know how it turns out.

      That being said, a cast iron skillet isn’t too expensive ($15 or so at walmart, last time I looked (which was a long time ago)) and is good for lots of things, so, maybe you should consider getting one?

  33. I want you to know, I’ve gone back to this recipe time and time again. Can I post this on my blog as well?? I will cook no other chicken. 🙂

  34. Loved your recipe, but did a couple of things different. I added mushrooms to the veggies and cut up a half onion and stuffed it inside the Chicken. WOW…it turned out AWESOME! The white wine is a must for this receipe. The mushrooms really seemed to soak up the flavor from the wine making the veggies taste great. My family just couldn’t get enough.

  35. I didn’t have an iron skillet, but I used a ceramic roasting pan and it was AWESOME! My steak-loving husband said it was as good as steak. YUMM!!

  36. So funny this recipe has taken on a life of its own. Now it’s known as The Wine Recipe that sometimes includes chicken.

  37. I made this tonight, and it was wonderful! I used a 6lb chicken instead, and it fully fed a party of 4!

  38. Does it have to be WHITE wine? Do you know if anyone’s tried it with red? My husband and I drink mostly red wine, particularly with roast chicken.

    • I’ve only used white wine in the “with juice” (au jus). I too prefer to *drink* red wine with roasted chicken. Of course you can try red wine in the sauce, and see how it is. It will be different, I suspect.

      However, in blind taste tests (blindfolded, actually), a surprising number of people can’t tell white from red.

      However, the particular wine that I use for this, Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay, I was actually able to *name* in a blindfolded test. not because I’m some super wine taster, just because this particular wine has a *very* distinctive flavor. (Though many other chardonnays may share it, I did have the clue that it was a wine from a local grocery store, and knew it might be on a short list, so my blindfolded naming feat isn’t as impressive as it might seem.)

      Try the red wine, and let us know how it is. Try both, and see which is better. Drink all but a glass of the white wine while the chicken cooks, and use the remaining glass in the dish, and pop open a red for the table. Well, you might end up blotto, but there are worse fates.

  39. this sounds great… going to make it tomorrow night. I let the chicken dry in the fridge for at least 24 hours helps with the tender.. it really works, give it a try…

  40. […] Perfect Roasted Chicken recipe from Scary Reasoner […]

  41. My brother wrote to me about this recipe and had this to say:

    I had a hankerin’ for Steve’s roast chicken, but only [my brother’s 4 year old son] and I were home to eat it. So…. I modified the recipe and the results were pretty spectacular. I made mire poix as usual, seasoned with salt and pepper, and placed it into a 4 x 9″ glass casserole pan. I then took chicken breast pieces and potato pieces and coated them with a softened butter, salt, pepper, and rosemary mix with my hands. I placed the potato and chicken pieces over the mire poix. I then placed the whole shebang into a 400 degree oven. After about 45 minutes, the chicken was done, so I took the pieces off the top of the vegetables and placed them on a plate covered. I then placed the veggies back into the oven for about another 30 minutes until the potatoes had an nice browning. I removed the potatoes and did the wine wash of the vegetables in the casserole, strained, and reduced the jus. Voila! I’d say if the whole roaster is a 10, this comes to a 9. The thinner parts of the chicken breast were a little dry and the veggies were ever so slightly less complex in flavor and deliciousness. Also, there was less jus and the jus was the worst part of the whole experiment, sort of a bland vegetable wine broth. On the plus side, no carcass to clean and discard, and a perfect sized meal for two. Check out the pics.

    — [my brother].

    p.s. I really mean the “about” in reference to the times above and I could easily be off by 10 minutes or so either way.

    p.p.s. I lied about making mire poix “as usual” I used some old crinkle cut carrots that we had that were way freezer burned and when thawed soggy, spongy, and thoroughly unappetizing. The end result didn’t suffer at all however.

    I can imagine the “jus” suffered a quite bit from lack of chicken fat. I know when I have left over “jus”, and refrigerate it, the fat and the wine separate — mostly — and it’s obvious there’s a lot of melted chicken fat involved (it reconstitutes nicely in the microwave).

  42. I had bookmarked this recipe a while ago, and remembered it at the store today! When I came back to it, I was surprised to see that it was posted 2 years ago today! This is one post that is going the distance! Looking forward to making it tonight for dinner!

  43. Love this recipe and have shared it multiple times on Facebook and Twitter! I just wanted to say that I don’t use a skillet (since I don’t have an oven proof one), but it works just fine in a casserole dish. I just pour the liquid into a skillet afterwards to thicken up. Thanks for sharing this! It is great!

    • Thanks for the kind words, and glad you liked it. I haven’t had this in awhile, maybe I’ll make it this weekend.

  44. This is one of my families favorite meals I make. =) I found it a few months back when I was searching roast chicken recipes. My husband always says the gravy makes the entire meal. lol. Just wanted to say thanks. Now I only wish I could get mine looking exactly like yours in the picture. It’s never that beautiful brown color.

  45. Sounds yummy, my family love roast chicken dinners, I’m going have to definitely try your recipe! Cheers!

  46. Hi, just a thought. Some people do not keep wine or other alcohol in there home because a sober person living there does not need to have it around. Sort of like putting a chocolate cake out in front of a diabetic. You may think I’m silly but I used to love to cook with wine. Since my husband can no longer have it, it just doesn’t make since to keep it around even for cooking. And yes I know the alcohol burns off. Again, chocolate cake in front of a diabetic. So, I have tried all of my beloved recipes with white or red grape juice instead. Some of them have come out superior to using wine and all are equally as good. Which makes sense, since it’s the grape flavor not the alcohol that impacts the recipe. Anyway, I have found it a far better substitute than chicken stock.

  47. Well, this is a lovely recipe, but if you want to take this up a notch further — as if it wasn’t already amazing — quarter an apple and stuff that in your chicken before roasting. You will have FANTABULOUS chicken, every time. You’ll smile smugly while your guests devour their chicken, knowing how much they’d like to lick their plates to get every last freakin’ drop of the golden elixir au jus. They won’t taste the apple in their au jus, but they’ll wonder how you managed to take cooking lessons in France in your spare time. Bon appetit, tout le monde!

    • Eh? Did you read the recipe? You must have missed the part where it says:

      Prepare the chicken: Remove the giblets, etc. from inside. Put several slices of apple inside (this will help keep the chicken moist.)

      The apple inside the chicken is called for already by this recipe.

  48. I never roasted a chicken before, and i just made this recipe for my partner and my sister last night. My partner, who is an excellent meat cook, and my sis, and I all LOVED it. So yummy, and really simple to make. This will definitely go in the rotation. Thank you!

  49. […] Chicken w/ Vegetables, Creamed Spinach & Creamed Corn I used a simple roast chicken recipe (here) and loved the results. The chicken was very moist and I loved that I didn’t need to do extra […]

  50. That’s a fantastic looking chicken.

    In fact, I’ve never used wine while roasting a chicken, and with your extreme emphasis on the importance of it I feel like I’ve been missing out.

    I may have to try it.


  51. This may be a silly question but, has anyone tried this recipe for a turkey?

  52. For a non-alcoholic alternative to wine, I wonder if verjuice might be OK? More acidic than wine, but that might go with the chicken anyway, and it would still have a fruity taste.

  53. I’m always getting recipes off the internet and I have never commented on one but I couldn’t not comment on this one. I made it last night and it was absolutely AWESOME! I’ll be the first to tell you I’m no cook (and anyone who knows me would agree!) But when it was all said and done I felt as though I’d created a meal worthy of a dinner party! I must admit that as a recovering alcoholic I skipped the wine. I know, I know. It cooks out. But after 4 1/2 years of nothing alcoholic going in my system I just couldn’t bring myself to add it. I guess it’s a mental thing. I read the post about how if I skipped the wine I was cheating myself but I honestly can’t imagine it tasting any better. I’m eating leftovers as I type … and licking the plate clean! Thanks so much for the recipe. It’s my new favorite!!!

  54. I made this tonight and it was out of this world! Next time I will make more of the vegetables since they were so delicious but there were not enough for 3 people. I have been roasting chicken for the past two months and was looking for a recipe I had tried before that I really liked when I found your recipe. I will not be going back to the other one since I liked yours so much better. I agree with you about the wine. It made the vegetables something very special. I think I may have cooked the au jus a little too much since it got very thick and separated out from the grease in the pan. The resulting two spoonfuls of very thick gravy were delicious, though. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe.

  55. going to try it right now. yes, you are right about where you come up when googled. I am a roast chicken freak. Its rainy here today, St.Lucia, yes, shame I know, BUT need comfort food. I do as you, but do not sit the chick on the veg. Love roast. You are right, its simple, but perfect. OH I think that pan helps too, shall see if mine fits…

  56. Cooked this tonight & it was amazing! My kids loved it, thank you!

  57. I’ve tried so many “best Roast Chicken” recipes, but this one is really it. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Good data, a lot of many thanks towards the author.

  59. I write to you, for I enjoy your blog very much. This one is my preferat blog.

  60. Would like to make this for Christmas dinner. I only have baking sheets and one of those cheap foil roasting pans. Will either of those work? All of our really good kitchen supplies are in storage because we are only living here temporarily….and we are a little spent from all the Xmas shopping… But we are foodies and I need this to come out perfect, so please let me know if the type of pan used is essential! Thanks.

    • The cheap foil roasting pan would probably work. (Baking sheet would not work, way too much melted chicken fat would go everywhere.) Good luck, and hope your holidays are wonderful!

  61. Do you cook it breast side up or down? Great recipe.

  62. Which was both of those attention-grabbing too as insightful!
    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

  63. What’s up mates, nice article and fastidious arguments commented here, I am genuinely enjoying by these.

  64. […] I found this recipe while searching for an easy roast chicken recipe. I’m sure some of you know I am a […]

  65. Wonderful recipe! All I had was a cheap Zinfandel, it was great!

  66. This is the best roast chicken recipe ever!! I mean ever. I agree the wine over the vegetables is simply superb!!!

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