Be The Wumpus news

Tooling around the internet, sometimes I google up some of my own projects to see what people are saying. Yesterday, by means of such googling, I found somebody having trouble compiling Word War vi, and was able to help them get it up and running, which was pretty cool. Less frequently I google up Be The Wumpus, a tiny little “audio only” game based loosely on the ideas of the ancient computer game “Hunt the Wumpus.” Today happened to be a day I tried that, and I found two new things. First, I found that on the wikipedia page for “Hunt the Wumpus”, Be the Wumpus got mentioned, and linked to. That’s pretty cool. Hunt the Wumpus is a part of computing history, and familiar to anybody that learned programming as a kid in the early 1980’s from books like Basic Computer Games, or, More Basic Computer Games, as I did. So, it’s pretty neat that my little “game” gets a mention, however small, on the wikipedia page for Hunt the Wumpus.

The other thing I found is that it appears as though the October 2008 issue of Linux Format magazine also mentions Be The Wumpus. I’m sort of surprised by that, as it’s not really so much a game as a novelty, and is just something I knocked together in a few weekends. Perhaps it’s the notion of an “audio only” game, which is pretty unusual, and the fact that it supports the xbox 360 controller rumble effect, which is also pretty unusual which got their attention. I must mention though that both of these ideas (except for tying it conceptually back to “Hunt the Wumpus”) are not original, but were inspired by descriptions I’d read of Studio Hunty’s “In the Pit,” which is a Windows audio only game in which you are a monster who eats victims. The concept is pretty much identical to what’s going on in Be The Wumpus, and I feel I must point this out, lest anyone erroneously think I came up with this great idea. I didn’t. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to wait and see what Linux Format has to say. I suppose it’s possible they panned it. But, that seems a bit unlikely — why waste the paper and ink, when they could just omit it and write about something else which they liked better? Will be interesting to see what they had to say.

~ by scaryreasoner on August 30, 2008.

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