Now McCain’s Palin choice makes sense to me

Seemed a strange choice, but this video explains it all:

You know, I really think Obama’s going to win this thing — but then again, I thought Bush would be clobbered in 2004, and, well, he wasn’t. So I’m a little gunshy. On the bright side, if McCain/Palin win in 2008, as horribly depressing as that would be, I expect NBC would be paying Tina Fey a whole double-fucking shitload of money to come back on SNL to make fun of her. It’s like some science fiction movie in which some weird experiment produced identical twins, except one’s a genius (Tina Fey) and one’s a moron (Palin), then they were separated at birth, and one became a comedian, and one became a politician, and (what else) destiny demands that the former make fun of the latter. I would totally watch that shit.

~ by scaryreasoner on September 1, 2008.

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