McCain’s green screen gaffe

Been reading on the internet about the McCain campaigns inexplicable use of a photo of Walter Reed Middle school as a backdrop for McCain’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Well, inexplicable is a strong word. The most plausible explanation is that somebody goofed, and that they were really trying to get a shot of the Walter Reed Army Hospital. Ok, a goof, but no big deal. But there’s another level to the goof. That is, a large portion of the bottom of the picture is taken up with a huge expanse of green grass, which on TV turns into a giant green screen behind McCain. When I watched his speech live on TV last night, and it got to the green screen part, I just started laughing. I mean, come on, he’s giving his opponents chroma keyed video to play with? Hahaha! This should be fun. I’m not much of a videographer, but even I was able to make the picture below in just a few moments. Stephen Colbert is having a chroma key contest.
(Edit: upon further review, it becomes apparent, astonishingly, that Stephen Colbert’s McCain green screen challenge was the result of a separate, prior incidence of McCain appearing in front of an accidental green screen. The mind boggles. McCain needs to fire his video people, or something. BTW, here is a video of John McCain debating himself which resulted from his previous green screen appearance. Lets hope this new green screen footage results in some similar hilarity.)

Bush looks on approvingly

Bush looks on approvingly

Feel free to plaster that pic all over the internet. Better yet, make your own, much better green screen masterpiece and plaster that all over the internet. This really ought to be a photoshop contest on

~ by scaryreasoner on September 6, 2008.

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