Started working on another video game — Battallica

Sep 11, 2008.

For awhile now I’ve been kind of wanting to learn to use git, which is the version control system Linus Torvalds put together when he dumped bitkeeper — and which has since been worked on by lots of other people and grown into a top-notch SCM system. Well, now there are a few free git hosting sites out there — is a commercial one with some free offerings, and which is a more purely free one. Well, I figured a new video game would be as good a way as any to learn git. I picked github for starters, because their web interface seemed a little more “together” than what they’ve got at gitorious. It’s my understanding that there’s nothing stopping you from setting up a repository at each of them, and synching them up, however.

I’ve only worked on this game for a few hours in total, but it’s coming along nicely so far, and git’s working pretty well, though I haven’t done much with it other than the initial setup, and a few “git commits” and “git push” to push the commits up to git hub. My new, still embryonic game borrows heavily from the wordwarvi code base, of course. Here is a screen shot:

Battallica, just a few hours old.

Battallica, just a few hours old.

The game is called Battallica, and it’s going to be an old school top-down 2D RTS game, if I don’t abandon it. It uses “vector” graphics — lines only — and consequently the display is scalable in realtime, just like Word War vi. The game doesn’t really do much yet though, it’s not really even what you’d call a game at this point. What you see in the picture above is a yellow jet fighter — which is what the player controls — flying above the “terrain.” The graphics for the terrain are obviously just placeholders until I get around to making “real” graphics. Although, since I’m committed to doing them with just lines, the “real” graphics probably won’t be all that much better, I’m afraid.

If you want a peek at the code, here’s a link to the Battallica github page, or if you just want to “git” it, the git URL is git://

It’s not much to look at just yet, about 1200 lines of code so far, most of it copied from wordwarvi.

~ by scaryreasoner on September 11, 2008.

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