One way to make “art nouveau” style desktop wallpaper

I have discovered an easy way to make desktop backgrounds, or perhaps backgrounds for wine labels or the like in what is similar to an “art nouveau” style. Each of the images below took approximately 5 minutes of mucking about in The Gimp to create:

The method is as follows:

  1. Create a new image the size of your desktop
  2. Do a radial gradient from the bottom center of the image from a light to dark color you like.
  3. Make a new layer.
  4. Set the foreground color to black.
  5. Pick the “draw with ink tool”, make thin wavy whiplash lines from the bottom of the screen to top. Repeat with various line thicknesses.
  6. Select by color — pick the black parts of the screen.
  7. Copy and paste to duplicate these black lines.
  8. Choose Layer – transorm – flip horizontally.
  9. Line up the flipped layer with the opposite edge of the screen, watching to be sure symmetry is established.
  10. Anchor the selection.
  11. Duplicate the layer of black lines.
  12. Set up a the same gradient you used previously.
  13. On the top layer, select by color. Choose the black lines.
  14. Execute the gradient with the light color at the top, the dark color at the bottom.
  15. Brink the duplicate layer of black lines to the top.
  16. Select by color, choose the black lines.
  17. Set the foreground color to a third color. This is to outline the black lines.
  18. Choose “Select” – “To path.”
  19. Choose “Edit” – “Stroke Path”
  20. Select by color.
  21. Choose the remaining black lines.
  22. Use “ctrl-X” to delete the black, revealing the gradient beneath.
  23. Select the layer with the outlining 3rd color.
  24. Reduce the opacity to a pleasing level.

    That’s it. (It’s easier than the above makes it sound.)

    ~ by scaryreasoner on October 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “One way to make “art nouveau” style desktop wallpaper”

  1. impressive design.i am a designer and this writeup will surely help me create new backgrounds.thanks.

  2. […] tutorial: How to make Art Nouveau style desktop wallpaper I wrote previously about how to make art nouveau style desktop wallpapers. Now I’ve made a little video […]

  3. Hi, I like your wallpapers here. Would you mind if I use them in an small independent RPG book that may in fact be paid for?

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