Bato Dugarzhapov — this guy can out-Monet Monet

Sat, Nov 1, 2008

Larry Seiler, a fine artist in his own right, was the one who, via the internet first introduced me to the art of Bato Dugarzhapov. I encourage you to check out a gallery of Dugarzhapov’s work at Every few months or so I go back to that site and look at those paintings.

The other day, I got it into my head to try a quick little copy of one of his simpler paintings — at least it looked at first glance like it might be simple — just to try to educate myself and become a little bit better at painting. I did ok, but I’m no match for Dugarzhapov, that’s for sure. Here is my effort, 16×20, acrylic on canvas.

^^^ Note: the above is not a Dugarzhapov, it is only my lame attempt to copy his work.

You can view a photo of Dugarzhapov’s original here..
The aspect ratio of my canvas wasn’t quite right, and the colors in my painting are a little weird looking here as the photo I took of it is not the best. I used three brushes, a half-inch, 3/4ths inch, and a 1-inch brush. My palette was Titanium White, Ultramarine blue, Cad Red, and Cad. Yellow, and probably spent a couple hours on it.

Edit: Nov 6, 2008: Another painter on that site worth checking out is Alexi Zaitsev Some of his work which I particularly liked: Pond in Versailles, Place of our appointments, Warm September, Pontus-New. Paris, October.

Check out more of Alexi Zaitsev’s work here:

~ by scaryreasoner on November 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bato Dugarzhapov — this guy can out-Monet Monet”

  1. I agree, this guy is amazing. I’m a big fan.

  2. HUGE MASTER! One who can truly SEE. It’s great that he’s appreciated. Reminded me of a Bulgarian artist, Plamen Valtchev –!/album.php?aid=172788&id=216422095559

  3. Just found his work, it’s wonderful. Bursting with light and colour!

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