On the right to be an idiot, and the right to be an asshole

In my previous posting, I’m sure I came off as a bit, or even more than a bit of an asshole to a lot of people. That doesn’t really bother me. I think what I think, and whether I write it here or just keep it in my head to myself, I think what I think. You want me to stop thinking this way, there’s a simple way. Convince me I’m wrong. I believe people are entitled to think whatever they are going to think, and to say what they think. Another way to put it, I think attempting to coerce people [edit: to believe something or to think something or to agree with you] is unethical and bound to fail even if it weren’t unethical. [Edit: I don’t think coercion is bound to fail in the case of children I actually think that children are easily coerced into believing almost whatever you could imagine to tell them.] Given that [edit: it is unethical to coerce someone into believing something, it follows that], it’s a right for a person to think what they will. I think those rights belong to everyone. I don’t think one person’s being offended by another person’s thoughts or speech give the offended party any sort of right to “shut up” the offending party, or to make the offending party “leave” in the vast majority of circumstances.

[edit: I do think that] There are some circumstances when one must “shut up” about one’s beliefs though. For instance, I think that in a courthouse, for example, in which a fair shake is supposed to be given to all participants, the court, the judge, and jury should really try not have a bias towards anything except the universally observable evidence — that is, revelation and faith are right out. Religions are not based on universally observable evidence, or even any evidence at all, typically. So the courts should not have a bias towards any religions or superstitions. So that’s one case where I think people, members of the courts, if they stray into promoting one religion or anti-religion, should be made to shut up, as it is part of their job that they should be as neutral as is possible on such matters, as neutral as possible only extending so far as not to contradict evidence (e.g. not so neutral that say, Jehovah’s Witnesses are allowed to deny a life saving blood transfusion to a child.)

I, as a blogger on the internet, am under no obligation to remain neutral on such matters, and if you’re going to have a blog that isn’t pointless, one could argue that you’ve got an obligation to be non-neutral, and express what you really think about things.

So, if I think, for example, that Christians are being idiots in accepting any of the beliefs that just being a Christian involves accepting, well, I’m not going to pretend that I do not think that, or refrain from expressing it if the mood to express it strikes me. You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to agree that I’m not an asshole, you don’t have to read this blog. But you don’t have the right to make me “shut up”, or “leave”, either. Go make your own blog, or “GYOB” as we say here on “teh internets,” and explain what you think.

And of course, I’m not the only one who thinks these (less and less) unpopular things about religion and faith. I was cruising around youtube today and came across the video below, posted just today. Here’s a guy on youtube who thinks more or less as I do, as far as in his opinions of the concept of faith, although I do have to say I only agree with him up to a point. At the end when he says “fucking die” at around 2:22, well, that’s too much even for this asshole. Those idiots have the right to be idiots, and you have the right to think they’re idiots, but telling them to “fucking die,” isn’t cool. You’ve got the right to say it, as I don’t think that amounts to a credible threat, but it’s really not cool, as I see it.

[Nov 18, 2008: Edited as marked for clarity, plus removed one duplicated word.]

~ by scaryreasoner on November 13, 2008.

10 Responses to “On the right to be an idiot, and the right to be an asshole”

  1. You Jews are so stupid and would say anything just to get anyone to convert to Judaism, because how are you not gonna believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ since that’s what you’re janked-up religion is all about, right? So now why do you all care so much about Jesus not being Jewish since you guys don’t like him after he’s done you a favor by washing away all your sins, because if it wasn’t for him all your asses would of gotten fried up by Satan. And what was up with all the Jewish Haters crucifying Jesus.

  2. What’s funny is that God would never turn his back on ANYONE, especially on his son, Jesus. And don’t say Jesus was a Jew and was around the time of Hanukkah. ‘Cause Hanukkah isn’t really that important and Christmas is about of the birth of Jesus, which took place in a stable, not Jerusalem.

  3. Judaism is just another world religion with stories about Hebrews it’s not about anything major that can top off Jesus or God and the Holy Spirit .

  4. Now nobody’s got nothing to say.

  5. You guys are acting like a bunch of losers, like don’t you guys got anything better to do. You guys can actually open the bible and see for yourself, since you guys care so much.

  6. This post is utter nonsense. In fact, I didn’t even waste my time reading this shit. I did have the displeasure of reading some of the most ignorant comments I’ve seen on a website in a while, though.

    To those comments, I’d just like to say that everyone calling Christians retarded is a fucking idiot. Christianity is a belief that is meant to spread joy, happiness, and hope, and for everyone calling us “retarded” for wanting to have a belief system in this crazy world is a dumbass. If you’re not a Christian, it REALLY should not affect you what Christians think. There are hardly any Christian extremists causing any of these “millions” of deaths, one idiot decided to point out (without showing any of those statistics, might I add). Christians aren’t doing anything to you atheists, and honestly, this post just gives you atheists a bad name.

    For you, scaryreasoner, to take your time to write an entire blog post and continued to have argued with theists on this post who were against what you wrote, just shows what a sad and pathetic person you are, probably with no life, to call someone a retard, a term that is used to describe a person with MENTAL issues, for wanting to believe in something. There may not be “proof,” but this is a religion about FAITH.

    Christians don’t affect your worthless life and for you to be upset about what they choose to believe in is laughable. I only wasted my time commenting to say what a disgusting, bigoted, piece of garbage person you are.

    I guess I would be mad too if an opposing belief was the number one religion in the world. Stay upset. Fucker.

    • > This post is utter nonsense. In fact, I didn’t even waste my time reading this shit.

      Pretty cool how you can pass judgement on something you haven’t read. Christians are expert at that. Nearly all of them have judged the Bible to be true without having read it. And by “expert”, I meant “idiot.”

      > If you’re not a Christian, it REALLY should not affect you what Christians think.

      It shouldn’t, but it does. Beliefs influence actions. Here’s why I give a shit.

      And Christianity is utter stupidity, there’s no way around it. If it weren’t, faith wouldn’t be required.

  7. They get their information from books with No printed authors. No original text. No appendix or providence listing sources as we all should have learned by the third grade that all books must have.
    The who, what, when where and how must all fit. None of those items fit in the religitard world.

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