An early merry Christmas — wordwarvi 0.23

Now Word WAr vi has a Christmas mode. It is active be default during the month of December. (Edit: correction, active by default between Dec 20 and Dec 31). The default can be inverted with the –xmas option.

The music is the reason that this –xmas mode exists. Marty Kiel is the musical genius who made this possible. Skip Kavanaugh plays lead guitar. I’m on rhythm guitar. The music is released under a Creative Commons Share Alike 1.0 license.

You can get the game Word War vi, of which I’m the author, at Source only, though it’s not hard to compile. It may find its way into the repositories of some distros, so you might be able to get it with apt-get, or whatever your distro’s method of installing software is.


~ by scaryreasoner on November 30, 2008.

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