Space Octopi with frickin’ lasers on their heads

Space octopus with a frickin' laser on it's head

Space Octupus with a frickin’ laser on its head.

I added this beasty into the Word War vi codebase, and it’s currently in CVS if you’re itching to try it out. (Edit: It’s now in wordwarvi-0.24.tar.gz as well.)

I’m also experimenting with making later levels a bit more difficult, and one of the ways I’m thinking about is to make some things take more than one hit to take out. For instance right now it is ridiculously easy to knock down the laser towers at the top of the playing area, as one hit anywhere on the tower sends them plummeting to the ground.

I was thinking to have the metal need to be sort of “melted” by several laser shots before the tower falls apart.

here is a screen shot of what I had in mind.

As your laser hits the tower, each hit heats up the metal a bit making it brighter, until it finally breaks. If you leave it alone a bit, it cools back down.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 7, 2008.

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