A non-example of maintainability, and a rant about the forbidding of comments.

Look at this post:

An Example of Maintainability

Okay, what’s wrong here? I mean, besides the obvious misspelling of “pre_relelease”?

pre_release_15 = (x < 15);
if (pre_relelease_15) {
    /* Talking to parent older than release 15 */

Why do you have a variable named “x”? “X”? Really?

Why not:

if (release < 15) {

I mean, fuck.

And this is not the sort of problem that has anything to do with “maintainability.” If your programmers are so piss poor or, really, braindead, that the trivial differences between the various versions of the “if” statement in question are enough to make a discernable difference in maintainability, I’m sorry, this only means that your programmers are not just incompetent, they are drooling idiots incapable of even feeding themselves, which you must have noticed, on account of either feeding them yourself or having watched them die of starvation, and no doubt, thought to yourself, “hmm, my programmers keep dying… I wonder why?” You’re hiring morons if this is something to be concerned about, and if this is your “solution.” Or, you’re a moron.

The problems that affect maintainability have very little to do with language syntax, or such small scale examples as these. The problems which affect maintainability have much more to do with defining robust, easy to understand interfaces between modules of code, not over-encapsulating things to the point that the complexity of the invented interfaces exceeds the complexity of the problem that it being solved, etc. Trivial bullshit like this has fuck-all to do with maintainability. And this guy gets even this wrong, and posts as if he were some sort of authority with comments disabled no less.

And, with comments disabled, he adds at the end of his post, “although you could argue whether the final comment is even necessary.” Really, I could argue? How shall I do that,? By posting on your blog? Well, dumbass, you’ve disabled comments, so I can’t do that now can I? If you’re going to type nonsense to the internet, at least be funny.

Well, I pick on this guy, but, frak… enable comments at least, or get some experience and knowledge. If you’re going to have a blog on the interenet, then don’t disable comments. If yo don’t want comments, then guess what? You don’t want a blog, you don’t want to be on the internet. You hate the very concept of a blog, but are too stupid to realize this. And I don’t want you on the internet. Get the fuck off the internet and satisfy the both of us, dumbass.

BTW, if comments had been enabled, instead of this rant, I would have written:

Hey, what about this? Get rid of the variable ‘x’:

  if  (release < 15)

~ by scaryreasoner on December 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “A non-example of maintainability, and a rant about the forbidding of comments.”

  1. Well, he took your advice and took down (most of) his blog. He left the “about” page up, but your link is now a 404.

    • Heh. You think I was too harsh? Maybe so, maybe so. Sometimes, in a moment, the brain thinks, the fingers type, and there it is, on the net, for a damn long time compared to the amount of time spent thinking on it. I can certainly be an asshole sometimes. And when you’re an asshole on the internet, it tends to last awhile. I wrote the above post in a moment in 2008. It’s now 2011, I barely remember this, and here we are, commenting on it.

      ‘Course people take down their blogs all the time for all sorts of reasons, so I’d be a bit hesitant to take credit or blame for this one. Not that it means I wasn’t too harsh, either way.

      Still, if you’re going to have a blog and speak to the world, let the world speak back, and enable comments. The world will comment anyway, you may as well have them do it where it’s convenient for you to find it.

      • Too harsh? No way. Any software development argument predicated on an example with worthless variable/function/type names deserves a quick smack.

        I didn’t notice the posting date when I replied. Apparently I’m farther behind in C(++) blog surfing than I realized!

      • (Ah, well, wordpress only allows comments to nest 2 levels deep, so I reply to my own comment instead of tombarta’s latest 2011/01/20 comment. Le sigh.)

        Yeah, wordpress doesn’t seem to do a very good job of prominently dating posts. Depending how you view things, it will show you the date, or not. I’ve taken to trying to remember to manually date posts, so the posting date will always be there, but I still usually forget to do so.

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