And I thought Christians were retarded.

I get a comment on one of my earlier posts which says:

I just did a post with proofs from the Quran, that no atheist cold deny the existence of God.

The indeterminate post he is apparently referring to is this: Signs of God’s Existence In The Universe – Part One

Holy shit what an incredibly retarded bunch of crap!

The supposed “proofs” include:

  • The assertion that Allah owns everything there is. How is this proof of anything?
  • The assertion that “we” (Allah and followers of Islam, presumably) will show “them” (unbelievers, presumably) signs in the universe and in themselves that the Quraan* is true. Ok, I’ll be watching for when you show these signs
  • That we sleep at night and are awake in the day is asserted to be a sign. It is asserted that those who listen will find that this is indeed a sign. Really? THAT’s your first “sign?” And it’s like you know it isn’t really a sign, so you tack on this bogus “well, to those who listen, it’s a sign.” How the hell is that a sign that the Quraan is true? We would know this, and know why it is true with or without the Quraan. It’s got nothing to do with the Quraan. This as the first “sign” is really, really not off to a good start.
  • It is asserted that the alternation of night and day, rain, wind blowing different directions, sometimes good things happening, and sometimes bad things are all somehow a “sign” of the correctness of the Quraan. WTF? Are you even trying? Is this some kind of joke?
  • Then there is threat of torment and woe to those who don’t believe, and (a very very easy to make) prediction that these verses will be ridiculed. Of course they are ridiculed! They’re ridiculous! The price of ridiculous beliefs is ridicule!

That’s it? That’s all? That’s how you start your “part one” of what is presumably a series of “proofs,” with the single lamest, most idiotic collection of religious nonsense I have ever seen in my entire life? What a rip off! You’re not even trying!

Surely you can do better than THAT load of crap.

*I have spelled Quraan in the same way as it is spelled in the majority of the “post with proofs from the Quran, that no atheist cold deny.” I am tempted to guess that the inconsistent spelling is because the main content was cut-n-pasted from elsewhere by this blogger, but that would be to presume that he could not come up with arguments better than these on his own, which despite my low opinion of humanity in general, I’m loathe to presume that anyone could be that dumb.

~ by scaryreasoner on January 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “And I thought Christians were retarded.”

  1. You are very odd.

  2. ‘We’ is the royal We and is Allah referring to Himself. The proofs are from the Quran showing the signs of the existence of God. You basically got it all wrong.

    • The royal We? Uh, no kidding, I didn’t miss that.

      You keep using this word, proof. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      You should tell Kafirgirl about your “proofs.” She’d like that, I’m sure.

  3. Scary reasoner dip shit mother fucker… Fuck you bitch.

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