Word war vi 0.25 is out

Word War vi v. 0.25 is up on sourceforge now. Changes since v. 0.24:

* Make octopus tentacles move in a more organic looking way.
* Make the cron job's beams brighter.
* Add sound effects for radar state transitions.
* Add radar_fail.ogg, radar_ready.ogg
* Fixed a bug in the aiming of the gun turrets.  The turrets were 20 units
  off in the y axis for their own position when calculating aiming.
* Add a little note that gets put out when a screen saver is running and
  a joystick is detected, warning the user that the screen saver is apt to
  interrupt their game.
* Reduce radar bootup time from 5 to 3 seconds.
* Make the legs of the space octopus more uniform in length.
* Leave the bottom of the octopus head open
* Permit octopi to have different color schemes.
* Totally pimped out the octopus.
* make the tips of octopus tentacles move relatively more slowly than
  the part that attaches to the head.
* Change prototype of get_coords_func function pointer type to permit
  attaching multiple laser guns to objects.
* Added code for big gunwheels (didn't activate yet though.).
* Activated gunwheels
* generalize the shape of the trusses so they don't always have to be squares
  of a fixed size, but can be various sizes, and tapered.
* Factored out the code for adding a stack of trusses into a separate function.
* Allowed for such stacked towers to be tapered.
* Made the truss tower tapering code actually work.
* Activated the truss tower tapering code for the kernel guns.
* Now the gunwheel tower is constructed from individual trusses instead of
  one single-object tower, and is destructible.
* Make gunwheels fully destructible.
* Fixed a bug that the central beam of the gunwheels always disappeared
  when the tower was destroyed, and the chans of trusses were getting
  screwed up because I forgot to disconnect the gunwheel from the truss
  it was attached to.
* Added tesla towers.
* Noticed at this point there is some nasty bug in the game.
  I think it was intrudoced when I made the gunwheels fully
  destructible, and I think it's in the area of truss_cut_loose_whats_below().
* Make the trusses which hold the kernel guns back to squares.
* Fixed up some problems with how the tesla towers fired lightning
* Fixed a very hard bug.  There were some problems with shooting down the
  trusses such that the ->tsd.truss.above and ->tsd.truss.below pointers were
  not getting NULLed out in every case they needed to be.  This meant that if
  you shot down a truss, then later came and shot it or bombed it again when
  it was on the ground, the truss_cut_loose_whats_below would go cycling through
  objects that it had no business cycling through, as what those pointers were
  previously pointing at had now likely been reused (often, as a spark).

  Possible that there are still issues with tesla towers and gun wheels, but
  I think the kernel guns are fixed.
* Prevent more than two bomb impact sounds from being added to the audio queue
  in a single frame, as allowing that is too loud.
* Revert accidentally committed "infinite" health.
* Fixed bug that blown-apart gunwheels didn't initialize bank_shot_factor
  for released guns, beams, etc. and so prevent spurious "nice bank shot"
* Added Tesla tower sound effect
* Fixed bug that tesla towers would continue to discharge even while
  falling after they were shot down.
* Updated help screen to contain a brief summary of the object of the game.
  Some people seem to react to the game in this way: "What am I supposed
  to do?"  The help screen probably won't help such people, but, not sure
  what else to do.
* Fixed bug that player_fire_laser wasn't checking result of find_free_obj to
  make sure it succeeded.  The result of this was that game_state.humaniods --
  the count of how many humans had been rescued so far -- got corrupted.
  This appears to be the only place in the program at this time which was not
  checking the return value of find_free_obj.

  This may indicate a need to have a "low_priority_find_free_obj" which will
  reserve some space.  This low prioirty one would be used by sparks, say,
  to keep from exhausting the supply of objects.
* Fixed bug with chaff that draw method wasn't initialized.
  One of these days I'm just going to remove chaff altogether.
* Remove remnants of some old code that put "Credits:xxx Lives:xxx" up in the lop
  left portion of the screen for a single frame at the beginning of a new level.
* Tweaked levels to try to make difficulty gradually increase.
* Now levels are named, rather than just numbered.
* Update to version 0.25
* Shorten duration of rumble effects to make them correspond more closely
  with the events which caused them.

~ by scaryreasoner on January 18, 2009.

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