The power of faith

Here is an example of the power of faith:

An Iraqi woman arranged to have 80 women raped so that they could be recruited as suicide bombers. For you see, due to their faith, the only way to escape the shame of rape was to become martyrs.

To exercise faith is to deliberately attempt to be more certain of something than the evidence warrants, and the idea that doing this is somehow a virtue is an idea which it is time for us to abandon. Faith is not a good idea, it never was. Faith is institutionalized idiocy, and those who exercise faith put themselves and those they teach their faith to at great risk of being exploited.

If there is anything to be ashamed of here, it is faith.

I see PZ and his Pharyngulite horde have beaten me to the punch on this one.

Update: There’s a thread on metafilter about this which brings up the possibility that this story may be “atrocity propaganda,” which it might well be, for all I know. Certainly a possibility worth considering.

~ by scaryreasoner on February 4, 2009.

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