We have the fossils, we win.

Saw this over at Dana Hunter’s blog, En Tequila es Verdad. The image comes from Ron Britton, over at Bay of Fundie.

What is depicted is of course Tiktaalik, a great example of the explanatory and predictive power of the theory of evolution. Given the evidence available prior to the discovery of Tiktaalik, three predictions could be made: 1) something along the lines of what Tiktaalik turned out to be should have existed, and perhaps a fossil of such a thing might be found, 2) the approximate location one might expect to find such a fossil, and 3) the age of the rocks that such a fossil should be found in. With these predictions in hand, it only took five years of digging to find Tiktaalik.

Talk Origins is a great site to find information about evolution.
Some particular favorite parts of mine are:

I also highly recommend the book

Your Inner Fish A Journey into the 3.5 Billion Year History of the Human Body, by Neil Shubin.

~ by scaryreasoner on February 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “We have the fossils, we win.”

  1. Your Inner Fish is an amazing book. I only wish that we would ‘win’ because we have the fossils, but then they just say that the devil or god put them there. 😦

  2. why do science and faith have anything to do with each other. heres an idea, next time an item goes to market, let’s have the instructions on how to fabricate said item, so that way we wont think it just apeared out of thin air, and who made it to avoid any confusion, heres another idea, maybe whoever created the planet is smarter than we are, and one day we will fumble on to the conclusion that this world and universe didnt get here by accident. evolution is still a theory

  3. Why do science and faith have anything to do with each other?

    Because people make scientifically testable claims based on faith.

    And what is faith?

    To exercise faith is to deliberately attempt to be more certain of something than the available evidence warrants.

    Why is this *ever* a good idea?

    To deliberately decide to be excessively certain is just stupid.

    Faith is just stupid.

    You ask why science and faith have anything to do with each other? I ask why faith should even be considered. Faith is institutionalized idiocy. Your plea for faith is a plea for idiocy. Fuck you.

  4. i guess you dont know what the scientific theory it; its an analytical structure that displays and explains facts, so the theory of evolution is the writen version of scientific facts

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