ERV vs. Creationist lunacy

Abbie Smith, aka ERV debates Charles Jackson, creationist looney, on the topic of genetic evidence for evolution

This is part 3 when Abbie gets rolling. (part 3 of about 20 parts, there are around 3.5 hours total!)

Here’s where you need to go to get all of it:

The first one is at the bottom right.

Creationists and evolution-deniers take a pretty serious intellectual beating here. Go Abbie!

And if you find this interesting, then you should read Abbie’s blog, ERV She kicks ass on an astonishingly regular basis.

Edit: Oh, you have to check out the idiot at the end of video number 7.

Edit again: Holy shit… in part 9, creationist dude goes fucking noah’s ark and 6000 year old earth on our ass! Epic lulz!

~ by scaryreasoner on April 7, 2009.

One Response to “ERV vs. Creationist lunacy”

  1. Abbie is awesome, but the creationist guy gave me a headache. It’s like picking a scab, can’t stop watching… oh the pain!
    PS: Thanks for the additional info on the Weasel post.

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