George Will is in possession of a time machine

Read this:
Demon Denim in which George Will rails against the evils of blue jeans. Well, I suppose the Republican party has gone so insane that George has to talk about fashion instead, so as to, you know, not appear to be insane.


Ha. ha ha ha…

So he rails against these young whippersnappers with their dungarees, their “blue jeans.”

(excuse me while I die laughing.)

But, thinking about this a bit more. Nobody could be that oblivious. There is only one explanation: George Will is in possession of a time machine, and he is a time traveler from the distant past. We must take this machine from him by force, if necessary (doubtful,, the slacks wearing pansy), send him back from whence he came (never has the word “whence” been more appropriate) and use the machine for the benefit of mankind. This would surely be a better use of the time machine than George’s rather weird purpose of attempting to convince some future population to adopt the dress of some ancient forgotten past. Perhaps the future hasn’t worked out as George anticipated, and his pre-time-travel stock purchases of hoop-skirt manufacturers and stovepipe hat makers haven’t delivered the riches on which he’d been counting.

Suck it, George. The 49’ers and their Levi’s have won the day.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 16, 2009.

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