Cyclekart progress, Apr 30, 2009

Making some more progress on the cyclekart. I got a welder.

It’s a Hobart Handler 140. I also got some C25 gas (75% argon, 25% CO2) for welding steel. I also got a nice welding mask, auto-darkening, with several shades of darkness, adjustable sensitivity, and the time before it becomes clear after the arc is no longer detected has an adjustable delay. I haven’t tried the welder yet. I need to find some scraps of steel on which to practice.

I put some steel mesh on my “radiator” which makes it look a lot more complete.
I cut it to shape with some tin snips. I also bought an angle grinder. I was going to try to use that to cut the steel mesh with a cutoff wheel, but it turned out to be easier, and a lot less scary to just use the tin snips. The angle grinder is kind of scary as hell. Well, part of the problem was I had put a cut-off wheel on it, as I figured I was going to cut with it. I think it’s better at grinding than cutting.

Here’s a shot of my wheels lined up more or less in cyclekart configuration. One of the wheels isn’t really the right kind, I still need to score one more wheel.
^^^ My as-yet-imaginary cyclekart ^^^

I also looked at tube benders, as I’m trying to figure out how to bend my front axle. I’m kind of leaning towarrds doing it like this guy has done, which is different than what’s done for instance, on the karts you see here.

The pipe bender I found said it could provide 12 tons of force, and looked like a big hydraulic car jack with some curved dies that pressed against the pipe to bend it. The box it came in said “applications: black cast iron pipe and galvanized pipe.” Not really sure if it would do the steel that I have, so I kind of chickened out on doing that for the moment. It will have to be done one way or another at some point though.

~ by scaryreasoner on April 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cyclekart progress, Apr 30, 2009”

  1. […] I mentioned previously that I’d gotten a welder, a little Hobart Handler 140. Today, I got it all set up and tried it out. I ran into a couple of […]

  2. You got a very lovely Handler!!!! I wish to have that kind. I am only using locally made welder.

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