Christianity breeds torturers and Jesus is the worst of them all.

There is a
survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press (n=742) to find out what Americans think about the use of torture.

An interesting thing emerged. .

Take a look at the chart on this page, which I hotlink below:
/link is hot, hot as hell. so hot… it doesn’t appear to work. Oh well. click the link above.

Hmmm. There is a positive correlation between attending religious services and approval of torture, and a positive correlation between affiliation with evangelical protestent, Catholic, and mainline protestant. (“mainline protestent?” Somehow to me that brings to mind… mainlining protestantism in the way one might mainline heroin.)

Anyway, this seems to be remarkable to Andrew Sullivan (as pointed out by Jim Downey.)

Andrew Sullivan (or his editor, or headline writer) gives the post the headline “Jesus wept”).

Yeah, probably because he was laughing so hard.

If one reads the Bible, one cannot help but notice that until Jesus came along, the notion of eternal punishment in Hell (re: the end of Matthew Ch. 25) did not exist. Jesus is the one who introduced the idea of Hell as eternal punishment for lost souls. Prior to Jesus, according to the Bible, this notion of eternal punishment did not exist. Jesus is the ultimate infinite torturer. Should it be any surprise at all that Christians tend to approve of torture in greater proportion than non-Christians? Their savior’s main contribution to religion is the notion of infinite torture, and “saving” those few who do… whatever it is that Jesus is said to demand. Jesus is an infinitely evil terroristic torturing bastard, according to the Bible. OF COURSE Christians approve of torture disproportionately. What else would anyone who has read the Bible and understood the words it contains conclude?

Edit Of course correlation is not causation, so it could be for example, that those who are the type to approve of torture are more likely to be drawn into Christianity. Also, the difference between religious and unaffiliated is not all that impressive, when you look at the absolute numbers. People suck. Religion makes them suck a bit more than they otherwise would, (or the people who happen to gravitate toward religion are disproportionately suckier ones.)

~ by scaryreasoner on May 1, 2009.

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