Grey Poupon and the Mustard Men

I learn via En Tequila Es Verdad that the Krazy Kons are still still going on about Obama’s choice of mustard. Man, this mustard must be some good shit, if people are getting that excited about it. I’m not sure I’ve ever had Grey Poupon, maybe once or twice, but I’m thinking I may have to buy some of this stuff.

I looked around on youtube, you know, to see what the experts, the Mustard Men had to say.

This is what I found:

Oh, those Mustard Men. I like the way they’re so elitist and how this fancy elite mustard comes in a Waterford crystal mustard pot plastic squeeze bottle.

So, what did I learn? Grey Poupon comes from Kraft Foods, which is incorporated in France Virginia, though Dijon is a city in France where the recipe originated. The Mustard men rate it a solid 7 or 8 (out of 10, presumably), and both say it would be good on hamburgers or hot dogs.

So, the kons are krazy, and I’m going to have to add Grey Poupon to my shopping list.

Edit: May 9, 2009: I went to the grocery store today, and thought, “oh yeah, I wanted to get some of that fancy Dijon mustard.” So I go to the aisle where they keep all the mustards, and I’m looking around for the Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard, and man! It’s wiped out! There’s a big gaping black hole right where it’s supposed to be. but all the other mustard is stocked aplenty. I reached my arm way back in there and found one plastic squeeze bottle left. Looks like there’s a bit of a run on this stuff! Heh.

Edit: May 9, 2009: Oh snap! I just realized…. when I eat eggrolls, I like to put that spicy Chinese mustard on them. Does that mean I’m a Communist?

Fucking dumbass Republicans.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 9, 2009.

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  1. This is just a really cool blog you do here.

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