Cyclekart progress, May 27, 2009. This is not a drill.

The plywood box is starting to come together in the initial fitting. I’ll have to take all this apart, trim the wood a bit, and reassemble with glue, and even more screws. I have to say, my sabre saw skills leave something to be desired. Oh well. Probably good enough.


It passes the ingress/egress test. That is, I can get into it and out of it without too much difficulty.

Oh yeah, I took this picture of a new tool I got. It amuses me:

This is not a drill

This is not a drill.

~ by scaryreasoner on May 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cyclekart progress, May 27, 2009. This is not a drill.”

  1. That is a cool project and that is a drill. Also a screwdriver, and I need to get another one myself. The lithium ion powered ones are a real improvement, since the batteries are smaller. The color scheme is extraneous unless marketing is a consideration. Heh, it’s probably more important than battery life to the marketers.

  2. Yeah, I like it. The batteries seem to last quite awhile before needing a recharge too. It does seem a little weak sometimes, as far as sheer ability to drive in screws goes.

    I write “This is not a drill” because of the design of the thing, it looks like a piece of art, and I was reminded of that Magritte painting It’s literally not a drill, it’s a picture of a drill. And of course the other meaning of “this is not a drill” as in, “this is the real deal, not a drill.” So… many stupid little meanings packed into “this is not a drill.” But you already knew all that, of course.

    I’m getting a little bogged down in the cyclekart project, just because of global warming. It’s been 100+ degrees F every day for a month and a half around here.

    (I learned to overthink my plate of beans over at

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