Old timey cook book for men

Via metafilter, I find this old timey cookbook for men, with recipes by the likes of “William Jennings Bryan, Warren G. Harding, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Jules Jusserand, Reed Smoot, Jerome Kern, and Houdini.”

But my favorite thing about this, and the reason I’m writing this post, is the comment thread on metafilter. In particular, this comment by “padraigin” is hilarious:


I was born in 1974, and my dad had exactly as much cooking ability as was required to impress a girl into bed, from what I could deduct. He could grill a steak, bake a potato, warm up a can of peas and make a strawberry pie from scratch. Then he could make eggs the next morning, and that was it.

After my parents divorced, and before he remarried, our weekends with dad would include his entire oeuvre, twice. He saw no reason at all why he should expand his repertoire, and when we told him he was good at what he could already make and should expand to say, grilling chicken or making apple pie, he made it clear that this would be tantamount to becoming a homosexual.

That’s some grade-A writing right there. To zero in on the sweet spots, the specific bits I like the best are these: “warm up a can of peas”, “the next morning”, the incongruous use of “entire oeuvre” and that kicker, “twice.” But it’s of course the context which makes these the best bits, and the context is very concise, just the right amount, enough, but not too much, not laying it on too thick. Brilliant. I wish these were a couple of paragraphs from a book so I could read the whole book.

Actually, my “zeroing in” on the sweet spots kind of fails, because the whole two paragraphs are already a zeroing in on the sweet spot, and they don’t really need my commentary

~ by scaryreasoner on June 9, 2009.

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