Where is Kafir Girl?

Where is Kafir Girl?

No posts or comments from her since January 24, 2009.

A bit worrying.

~ by scaryreasoner on June 11, 2009.

22 Responses to “Where is Kafir Girl?”

  1. Hi, I could not find your email address or other contact information on this website (or googling your pseudonym) so I am using your most recent post to contact you (obviously).

    First, I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge about xbox controller programming under linux. It has been the only helpful resource I have found beyond the joystick api.

    On your page about inducing a rumble event from the computer the link to your code examples, (https://scaryreasoner.wordpress.com/2008/07/19/programming-joysticks-with-linux-part-3-get-ready-to-rumble/) rumble.h and rumble.c are broken. They were not a few weeks past, so I think this must be a new formatting error in the python script. If you would make this code available again (I did not save them initially!) I would be very appreciative.


  2. Thanks.

    The code is on sourceforge, those links are to sourceforge’s cvsweb thing, which I guess doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

    rumble.c and rumble.h are part of “word war vi”, a little game I made. You can check out the game from cvs by:

     cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@wordwarvi.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wordwarvi login
    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@wordwarvi.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wordwarvi co -P wordwarvi

    and rumble.c and rumble.h are in there.

    The wordwarvi home page is at:

    http://wordwarvi.sourceforge.net or just search sourceforge for “word war vi”

    Hope that helps.

  3. Thank you for the incredibly fast response. I eventually figured it out. Apparently it was a known issue. http://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/sourceforge/2009/06/12/viewvc-known-issues-2009-06-12/ , sorry.

  4. […] It is completely unintentional, and horrific, that this post immediately follows my “Where is Kafirgirl?” post. Hoping Kafirgirl is doing well, and has just decided not to blog anymore. Possibly […]

  5. Any word on how she’s doing?

    • Not that I know of. I don’t know her, I only read her blog, while it was active, which it no longer appears to be. So your guess is as good as mine.

      • Reading her blog encouraged me to start my own: thewhitebull.wordpress.com. I really hope she starts blogging again, she is funny! Maybe she’s getting married or has health or family concerns right now… I hope all is well.

  6. Well, scary reasoner, if kafirgirl is “gone”, who is moderating her page? Because, 2x I tried to post the following, and each still (month’s later) read “awaiting moderation” while other comments have appeared on the page:

    It might interest you that on some pro-Islamic blogs there is speculation that kafirgirl is not who “she” really claimed to be. They note 1. similarities in grammar and referral pages between her and other bloggers some of whom commented on her comments (suggesting multiple identities claiming to be several different people) 2. ignorance of certain things someone from her background would know, ie. she doesn’t know or got certain things wrong about Islamic weekend school which she claimed to attend as well as ignorance about certain things about Pakistani culture, etc.:


    This would be consistent with suddenly stopping–”she” became preoccupied with other blogs/identities, or this became larger than “She” imagined, increasing the chance that the “hoax” would be exposed.

    On the other hand, this could be real, and she could have encountered trouble, so hopefully wordpress has answered ppl’s pleas and provided any info they have on her to the authorities to investigate. I’m sure that has happened.

    Of course, the story is plausible, many children of Muslim parents have doubts that they must keep secret, I am sure.

    It is a mystery either way.

    If you are truly a seeker of truth, address this question.

    • My guess is that nobody is moderating her blog comments. Only first time commenters are subject to moderation. This is the default behavior of blogs on wordpress.com. The only people who can comment on her blog now are people who had already commented on her blog before she disappeared.

      Edit: I just posted your comment on kg’s blog, and it went through instantly.

    • Phatkat, “you” are a paranoid, apologist idiot. Are “you” who “you” really claim to be? Your grammar is very similar to a million other people typing on the ‘net, perhaps “you” are really KafirGirl. On a serious note, and for what it’s worth, when it comes to a certain age group who share certain ideals, it is not uncommon to use similar language. I visit Theist blogs all the time and the pro-Muslim ones tend to sound the same, as do the pro-Christian ones… I don’t get paranoid conspiracy theorist on it – perhaps because I’m not a stupid theist who obsesses over inane textual minutia of lame myths for centuries.

  7. Thank you White Bull.The name-calling shows ur unwillingness to argue with me on the merits. I will address ur concerns:
    1.”Maybe I am not who I claim to be”–that is correct, I am neither phat nor a kat.
    2. your implying I am a stupid theist–how could u tell that from what I wrote? Did u consider that maybe I am a radically tolerant liberal who winces at how insensitive it is to make phone of the holy books of other religions? Or that I am an atheist and a nihilist who simply wishes to use religion to advance my political agenda or to acquire personal power? Or maybe I am a nihilist trying desperately to believe in God and religion.Maybe I am just trying to jostle your groupthink and encouraging you to think about other explanations
    There are so many possible explanations White Bull. The fact u degenerate so quickly into calling someone who does not agree with u a stupid idiot, makes u sir (or madam) a stupid idiot!

    • The fact that you so quickly claim KG is a male makes you an idiot. The fact that you use biased Muslim blogs as proof makes you an idiot. I don’t care if you agree/disagree, I think you’re an idiot for the content and value of your thoughts expressed.

      1. Let’s consider that perhaps you are correct and she is a male anti-Muslim.

      So what? Much of her critiques were spot on.

      2. Groupthink? Because many atheists use similar language does not mean they are blindly regurgitating thought – again, your claim of this stereotype of atheists, displays more about who you are and what you think – and again, why I call you an idiot: the content of your thoughts.

      What of the colossal groupthink of theists? What of the horrors religious groupthink has caused? This criticism of atheist groupthink over that of religious groupthink is another reason I consider you an idiot – even a liberal tolerance of religion and a diplomatic criticism of atheism displays hypocrisy, bias, and again makes you an idiot. I personally speak from my own thoughts on these sacred texts – which deserve to be made “phone” of (how the hell did you mispell that?! Where are you from, Mars?). They are disgusting. They cause real damage. I’m sure other atheists feel the same in many cases and some are more diplomatic and tolerant – I am not.

      I value skepticism in others. Yours though, in this particular case, reaks of several biases, paranoia, judgment, and insensitivity.

      Who are you? I am an atheist, you know what I think from my responses above – why don’t you stop insinuating shit and speak openly. Are you here to stir trouble?

  8. but congratulations scary reasoner for your open-minded willingness to address or give a forum to alternate theories

  9. @ whitebull.
    1. I didn’t explicitly say I thought she was a man. I did put “she” in quotation marks. I think some of what “she” wrote when I read it I thought only a woman would think of that.
    2. I think the muslimsuperhero link the guy was a bit of a mindless twit but the other link, I think they had a robust open minded debate on that forum.
    3. More people have been butchered in the name of atheistic ideologies. Consider Nazism and Stalinism. While popular anti-semitism in Germany and Europe was rooted in Christianity (and the Nazi’s tapped into that in their march to power) the Nazi leadership were atheists trying to create a new religion. Stalin and the bolsheviks were explicitly atheist. If you are the supreme dictator like Stalin, who are you accountable to? Without a belief in a higher power, Stalin was accountable to no one but himself. Estimates are that he butchered between 4 and 20 million people, in such events as the so-called ‘holodor”.
    consider also that well-known attempt to assasinate Hitler in the 1930’s that failed. the conspirators said , paraphrasing, “sure the law is what the Nazi’s say, but we knew that one day we would have to answer to God. And that is why we knew we had to try to take Hitler out.”
    Justice is whatever the stronger says it is–the strongest class, the strongest country or the strongest leader. What religion does is it says: there is something stronger than all of you. That is God. Before God, all factions, and classes, all tribes, clans, races and countries are equal insofar as he could destroy any of you and punish any of you in the afterlife.Religion is the mechanism by which the weaker ensure that they can keep the strong in check.
    Without God, its really just the survival of the fittest isn’t it. Science teaches us that we are just like the animals. Your own country’s Christian heritage teaches you that you r created in the image of a god. What is more inspiring to the little children?
    Now it may appear to the untrained eye that religion advocates the subjugation of certain ppls, like women and slaves. But understand how truly horrible their existences were prior to religion. Women were far worse off in the Arabian peninsula before the advent of Islam for example.

  10. Hey phatkat.

    1) Stalin, et al didn’t kill people due to atheism. They didn’t say, “gee, I don’t believe in any gods, therefore, I should kill some people.” You might as well say, “hey, Hitler and Stalin both had moustaches. See how evil moustaches are?”

    2) Whether religion has benefits or not is not the point. The point is, are the claims which religions make true? Or even reasonable? I’d say not.

    Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Scientology, Mormonism, Hinduism, whatever stupid religion you care to name, they’re all idiotic, and not just slightly idiotic either. They’ve all gone full retard.

    3) I think religion, and I think *especially* Islam, needs to be made fun of. I say Islam especially, because the followers of Islam have a history of reacting very badly to criticism or being made fun of. They need to be desensitized, and learn to react to criticism and being made fun of in a civilized manner. Currently, it seems that Islam is pretty much incompatible with civilization.

    And it’s really really really fucking stupid. You really have to be very very ignornat and/or very very stupid not to see that Islam is obvious bullshit, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to tiptoe around this fact. It should be stated strongly, and blatantly.

    A person should be ashamed to admit to indulging in the vice called faith.

  11. PhatKat
    Sure, a few atheists committed atrocities. That happens in most absolutist dictatorships – not in atheism as a whole. The historical record is full of MANY MANY MANY more religious attrocities than atheist attrocities. A drop in the bucket, compared to the Medicis, the Inquisitions, the Holocaust, and other historical facts tied like an anchor directly to religion.

    Hitler had the backing of the Pope, as did the Ustase. The Vatican Rat Line protected Nazis after the war in their 3rd world, South American, superstitious, mind enslaved countries. A few priests actually resisted, but the “justice from the stronger power”, ie the Vatican, won out and Jews and Orthodox Christians died in Germany and Yugoslavia. Let’s not forget about the rest of the horrors religion has stained on every single page of history.

    People are not moral because some kid’s tale about an invisible big brother in outer space… they are held to social mores by societal factors – more than any other single factor. The anthropological record confirms this fact (perhaps your eye is untrained to any field other than sick biblical fairy tales).

    “To the untrained eye” – you mean to the apologist’s cold dead hands. Delusion has taken the form of age-old apologetic “science.” Stubborn refusal to accept the idiocy of the bible, and attempts beyond reasonable credibility to force Bronze Age myths to somehow resemble fact, is not a “trained eye.” It is an eye blinded by bias – you lack the ability to think critically.

    If all you can cite for atheist morality is Social Darwinism, I am proven again that you are an idiot. Evolution is a fact, the Theory of Evolution is the theoretical model to organize and examine such facts. Human morality though, takes on a million different shades, based on culture, not on biology. Get your head out of one foul book and put it in a wider range of books. First though, you must remove your head from your ass.

  12. One last thing… women are NOT better off after Islam spread like a cancer through the Arabian peninsula. Muhammad was a child raping, bloodthirsty, cocksucker. Piss be upon him.

    9 year old Aisha and the Ukl tribesmen tortures are but a few disgusting things confirmed by Sahih hadithists. The sick anti-semitism in the koran seems to be the only obsession of that sad little book, like some semitic penis envy, or school yard bitch fight. The koran is as fraudulent as Joseph Smith’s claims of “revelation.” Another pervert and moron. Your Allah is just as invented, infantile, and humanly ignorant as any other man-made god. The Hindus literally have thousands of gods with better traits than Allah.

    Get back to beating your wife (Sura 4 verse 34). Continue talking about god turning Jews into “apes and swine” (5:60, also 2:65 and 7:166). Keep on preaching hate and violence (2:191-193, 4:89, 8:12, 9:5, and many more). Make your excuses and work hard to invent justifications if you wish.

    Don’t expect people with half a brain to believe “women are better off under Islam.” Islam is a cousin-fucking shit stain on humanity.

  13. So many misunderstandings to address. I will focus on a couple points:
    1. Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6, consummating the marriage when she was 9 years old. Yes, but for much of history marrying girls off young was the standard practice in MOST cultures regardless of religion. Let us look at the practices in Christian Europe at pretty much the same time Mohammad lived: girls were often married off when they were younger than 12 years old, and while the minimum age of 15 was adopted by the Church in the 12th century “that was the theory not the actual practice”: the source is in German, but as u know u can translate it using google: http://www.kleio.org/de/geschichte/alltag/kap_V.html.
    Notice also two forms of marriage: in the one, the husband becomes “Guardian” of the wife, a brideprice is paid and the consent of the little girl is not relevant.Often, if the man came from a different village (ie was not her cousin) he had to pay the men of the village money too to compensate them for their loss of opportunity to marry: http://home.comcast.net/~myauntiem/so_you_want_to_be_a_medieval_bride.htm
    So in the context of global practice, what the Prophet did was not unusual. Indeed, why do you think in the Christian and Jewish bible women are ordered to ‘obey’ their husbands and to “keep quiet” in church? It is because the wives were little girls married to men much older, they were treated like children because they were children.
    2. The islamic overreaction to insults and perceived slights against their religion. This is actually a rather recent phenomenon. It is a consequence of the Islamic revival, where in the years following the colonial/imperial era, Islamic countries have seen an increase in strict observance of the religion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_revival
    The most extreme occurances of these reactions are in: 1. Pakistan (a former British colony) 2. Indonesia (a former Dutch colony) 3. Sudan ( a former British colony) 4. Iran (a country that while never a colony was controlled for years by respective British and Russian sphere’s of influence and who’s Shah introduced stringent Westernization policies that suppressed many Islamic practices) as well as some middle eastern countries such as Algeria (a former French colony that had a bitter war for independence). During the colonial era, there were endless slights against Islam by the colonial masters, and Christian missionaries had tremendous influence over colonial offices. If you ever read a book written in the west prior to 1960, horrendous portrayals of the Prophet and the religion, just as “blasphemous” as anything that has elicited a reaction in recent years.
    In those days, Muslims meekly tolerated the domination.
    The overreactions we see now, are of an Islamic umma emboldened and empowered in the new post-colonial era to, in their eyes, stand up to the imperialist west that disrespected their religion for so long during the colonial era. It is primarily POLITICAL, an attempt to present Islamic as a potent ideology able to becoming a competing ideology to Western Imperialism in the way that Russian Socialism once was (an imperialist ideology that many also wanted to confront and did).
    that doesn’t make it right, but it is kind of like the animus caused in the west whenever someone burns an American flag or something. Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

    There are other points, but I don’t want to use up scary’s blog space, visitors only have so much time, and he has alot of material for them.

  14. I had some time to kill and so read further into that German source, and saw examples:
    1. Mathilde (a sister of English king Richard the Lionhearted) was engaged at 9 years old to the 36 year old Henry the Lion and married 3 years later at 12;
    2. Beatrix of Burgundy was btwn 12-14 when she married Frederick Barbarossa who was 34-35 years old;
    3. Agnes, the only daughter of Emperor Henry IV (Holy Roman Empire) was 6-7 years old when married to Duke Frederick of Swabia

  15. It seems you easily rationalize your acceptance of Islam’s ugliness.

    “Because everyone else did it” or “it was historically OK” is not a good defense for pedaphilia. If you haven’t noticed we criticize ALL religions here, and I even criticize uneducated and biased atheists, while you defend one religion, which I presume is your own.

    To ignore the REAL and CURRENT issues with child brides in many Islamic countries and argue about the dark ages is also unacceptable. Interpretations of the koran and hadiths lead to abuse of little girls, RIGHT NOW. I’m sure you will have an apologist defense and minimilization for this disgusting practice in modern times as well.

    Nor is “it’s the West’s fault” a good defense for Muslim violence. I am just as frustrated with Balfour’s cutting up Palestine and dishing it to Europeans (who happened to be Jewish transplants = immoral land theft by Judaism) and his cultural ignorance of “Orientalism” in Africa and elsewhere (read nearly anything by the Palestinian author Edward Said). I am just as angry at neo-colonialism (particularly American), and I recognize that Northern African problems are not entirely contigent on Islamic faith… I reached these agreements with you, not by religios faith, but my atheist political skepticism.

    BUT colonialism and politics is NOT at the core of Islamic violence… if you haven’t noticed, “Islamic” is part of the phrase and almost always the core issue espoused by those who enact such violence. The sacred texts all say ugly things, as well as, confusingly, good things – it is the apologist who tries to change the meaning during each of their generations. You do so to claim it is a religion of peace, which is indefensible and patently false; those using violence claim the koran says to murder idolators, which is true and it explicitly states as much in mutliple passages. Apologists are a plague, clinging to ancient and ignorant texts of yesteryear, instead of seeing them for what they truly are: the sad works of ancient ignorant humans. Apologists enact false advancement, while retarding social and scientific progress. Let go and move forward, not backward.

    Likewise, it is not a historically “new thing.” Islamic violence has a long history, for one instance let’s consider Islam’s conversion by the sword in India. The apologetic excuses for that range from “violence didn’t happen, Islam was welcomed with open arms by the caste-trodden” (false) to “the violence was not that extensive” to “violence was necessary to bring order.” The historical facts are that Islam and its view of idolatry and the koran’s explicit passages about death to infidels (unless they convert, of course) are part of the historic record.

    Critical thinking again seems lacking. You are quick with excuses and justifications. You say others did it, it wasn’t that bad, or it is someone else’s fault. You criticize others, but never once do you criticize Islam. It is untouchable, off-limits, this further exposes your bias.

    You are correct on one thing – we are taking up our host’s time/space. You will never be open to criticism, and I will never be convinced Islam has even a partial pinky print of divine fingerprints on it. We should move on and find new audiences, open to our discussion. Thanks and goodbye.

  16. lol, i saw ur blog and tailored my analysis to tie it into your anti-colonial bias.
    The fact is there are alot of stupid, ignorant and uneducated people that do not know better. There are schools where literally all they read and study is the Quran and nothing else. No other intellectual influences. And, there are some people in the Islamic world, scientists, really well educated in science but do not have a liberal arts education, in humanities and social sciences. So their arts education is quran and hadith. They do not study people as social beings and so do not understand just how ignorant their own parents and families were in raising them.
    Thanks and goodbye.You are right on the Palestinian issue.

  17. hello

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