Right wing art, or parody?

Check out this painting, “One Nation Under God.”

It’s not all that often that my blogging interests intersect this way. I first saw this on Pharyngula (check out the comments), and then on metafilter (unless it gets deleted), where I found out there’s a revised version (mouseover text is different)

He can capture a likeness fairly well, which is more than I can say, but still, there’s something about this painting and his others, besides the subject matter, I mean, the way in which they’re painted, which I don’t really like. It’s as if he’s going for reailism, and not quite getting there, and the compositions are, almost childlike in their straightforwardness, and the use of color seems naive, “oh this grass should be green, these flowers red, this sky blue, this sunset orange,” etc.

Is it parody? I sure hope so.

Then again, the right-wing nutjobs are busying themselves with editing the bible to expunge it of “liberal bias,” so who the hell can tell anymore.

Edit: Oct 10, 2009: I think I’ve found a new desktop background

~ by scaryreasoner on October 7, 2009.

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