NRA push poll

I just got a phone call from an organization doing a push poll for the NRA, in which they had me listen to some NRA guy blathering on, then finally the question, something like: “Do you think third world dictators and Hillary Clinton should decide your gun rights?”

I told the pollster that “I think the Republican party and the NRA are a bunch of crazy, ignorant morons, and that this push poll is a pile of shit.” and hung up. That question is so insane it beggars belief. I can just see the pollsters dreaming up the ultimate question to drive the right wing insane, “hmm, we should threaten to take their guns away, and mention something about third world dictators, and uh, let’s see, oh yeah, Hillary Clinton. And the U.N.” Good grief, what blatant idiocy.

A couple of Daily Kos entries about this poll: 1, 2.
google search for “nra push poll “third world dictators” “hillary clinton””

~ by scaryreasoner on October 10, 2009.

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