Some love for… no wait, not love, for C++, and some art

So, awhile back, I bought a book, Coders at Work by Peter Seibel, and while reading it, I was gratified (my confirmation bias was tickled) to see the opinions various uber-programmers expressed about C++. Via reddit I came across this internet posting, “C++ in Coders at Work,” in which the author of this book discusses the opinions of the uber-programmers he interviewed regarding C++. Well worth a read, in my biased opinion, BTW.

Probably the most damning bit is what Ken Thompson has to say: “… But by and large I think it’s a bad language. … ” It reminds me of a joke I invented some time ago:

I don’t think the guy who invented C++ knows the difference between “increment” and “excrement.”

Jamie Zawinski doesn’t mince words either:

C++ is just an abomination. Everything is wrong with it in every way. So I really tried to avoid using that as much as I could and do everything in C at Netscape.

(If you don’t know who Jamie Zawinski is, he did a lot of coding on Netscape, Emacs (he gets an honorary high score in my vi vs. emacs game Word War vi for that), Xscreensaver, and probably lots of other stuff.)
And he has a few words about Coders at Work

Anyway, in scanning that reddit thread, someone (of course) linked to the C++ FQA lite, FQA standing for “Frequently Questioned Answers,” an amazingly thorough and well thought out (and well known) of response to the C++ FAQ lite.

But, in this latest visit of mine to the FQA lite, I discovered that its author, Yossi Kreinen is a bit of an artist. And he’s got an art blog:

Somehow I’d never noticed that before. As one programmer/C++ dis-aficionado/artist to another, I say, “pretty cool, man, pretty cool.”

~ by scaryreasoner on October 17, 2009.

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