Bunk is bunk, no two ways about it.

In the New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof has a little piece in which he hopes that “more thoughtful” books, like The Evolution of God by Robert Wright and The Case For God by Karen Armstrong, and The Faith Instinct by Nicholas Wade herald a bit of a truce between the believers and the non-believers.

Well. Three words for Mr. Kristof: No Fucking Way.

Bunk is bunk. That you notice that the Christian religion has had most of its sharpest edges worn off over the centuries, becoming somewhat less cruel and barbaric, and that there are a few books pointing this out in no way indicates that the main tenets of Christianity or most any religion you care to name are anything short of barking mad.

Jesus is the son of God, the supreme creator of the Universe, he knows all, sees all, knows what you’re thinking, and you’ve got a disease called original sin, and unless you believe this story and surrender your heart to Jesus, then, well, Jesus has no choice but to send you to hell for “eternal punishment” (end of Matthew ch. 25) after you’re dead, but if you do believe this silly story, oh, then you get eternal bliss in “heaven.” Yeah, right. Are you fucking stupid? You think this is good stuff? You believe that shit? If so, you’re a fucking idiot. Learn a thing or two about how the brain works, and how it doesn’t work when it’s damaged. Learn some basic biology, chemistry, and physics. LEARN, MORONS. Your religion is VERY OBVIOUSLY IDIOTIC to anyone with half a brain. Five year olds have been able to figure this out. Why can’t you? Are you afraid? Are you scared that your “god” will smite you? Coward. You fucking coward. Fraidy cat coward. Grow a pair and learn to think.

Anyone who calls themselves a Christian is a total fucking idiot. Educate yourselves, you fucking morons.

Truce? No fucking way. Ditch your religion or admit to the crime of idiocy.

“crime of idocy” may seem a bit harsh, but what else is “faith,” but deliberately choosing to shut one’s eyes and accept whatever dogma is given as a “child” (as Jesus allegedly put it) or an “idiot” (as I put it.) Christians are all too happy to admit the crime of “faith,” but faith is just another word for idiocy, but without the excuse that it wasn’t deliberate nor the excuse that it couldn’t be helped. Faith is deliberate idiocy. If you view faith as a virtue, you’re a dupe, a moron, an idiot, a fool, and I pity your dumb ass.

~ by scaryreasoner on November 30, 2009.

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