Bottled 60 bottles of homemade wine

A couple of weeks ago I bottled 60 bottles of homemade wine. 30 of Pinot Noir, and 30 of Australian Shiraz. Until today, I hadn’t come up with a label design for either of them, but today I hit upon a design for the Pinot Noir.

Above is the image I used for the label.

And there’s a labeled bottle in front of the painting I used for the image in the label.

Still need to think of something for the Australian Shiraz.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Bottled 60 bottles of homemade wine”

  1. Save me a bottle. I still have a bottlr of sauvignon blanc yet unopened. I hear it’s worthy of special occasions. Maybe when ya’ll come next year.

  2. Sweet. I don’t dig wine much myself but on a somewhat related note, I just bottled 2 1/2 cases of homebrew today. It’s kind of a hybrid “Strong American Brown/Scottish Wee Heavy”. High octane stuff.

    • Modzilla, yeah, wine’s a bit of an acquired taste (as is beer) I’m always on the verge of giving up on the homemade wine thing, on account of it’s very hard (so far impossible) to make good wine from kits. The process with wine is easier than the process for making beer, but the results are better with beer, for the homebrewer/home fermenter. Since beer is made from grain, which stores and transports a lot easier than grapes (or, in my case, pasteurized grape juice concentrate) it’s easier for the beer maker to use top-quality ingredients. I would switch to beermaking, but the process is more involved, and there’s *way* more bottling involved.

      • Yeah, I tried kegging for a while (because of all the bottling) but there were too many hidden problems with that. The best thing about beer is the absolute control you have over every aspect. How much malt, what variety, how heavily roasted, what strain of yeast, hundreds of hop varieties etc… Then there is all the drinking 🙂

  3. Love what you have done. I am just about to release my first wine. Shiraz Noir – an Australian Shiraz. – also with a film noir theme. Looking for friends on facebook – if you like – please do at

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