Karen Armstrong: Have you smoked yourself retarded?

Karen Armstrong has a post up on Sam Harris’s site:
Think Again: God

Go read it. It’s short, and stupid.

It consists mainly of a singly logical fallacy, appeal to consequences

Karen seems to think that most of humanity cannot live without the “meaning” provided by religion. Of course this is a logical fallacy, in that, even if this were true, and people who had their religion taken from them invariably and immediately committed suicide due to a sudden lack fo meaning of life, it would not follow that therefore religion is true. Karen is not arguing that religion is true though. She’s arguing that religion is necessary. But it isn’t. Loads of people deconvert. Go on, google “deconversion,” I dare you. See?

The thing is, the “meaning” supposedly provided, and sometimes missed by deconverts isn’t real. I can say this as a person raised without religion. You don’t miss what you never had. Karen is complaining about a problem that barely exists with religion, and that would not exist at all were religion not present. Religion cuts you, gives you a band-aid, and Karen complains when you point out the cut isn’t real and you take away the band-aid.

None of Karen’s points in this piece have anything to do with whether the claims of any religions are true or false. It’s as if she doesn’t care whether they are true or false. She seems to be saying, religion makes people feel good despite their horrible, pathetic lives. Why must we take this lie which they seem to find consoling from them?

That appears to be her argument. Could you be a little more condescending, Karen?

~ by scaryreasoner on December 6, 2009.

One Response to “Karen Armstrong: Have you smoked yourself retarded?”

  1. I agree, that is extremely shallow, herdish shallow. Now I can stop reading Nietzsche, since he is irrelevant anymore, and move on with my life.

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