Hey facebook? Fuck you. Die facebook die.

Facebook sucks.

I see links coming into my blog from facebook, but, because I’m not a member, I can’t see any context, why they’re linking, what they’re saying , etc. They’re in their little walled garden, linking to outside sites, but not allowing outsiders in, not without registering anyway, and going through the facebook bullshit.

Well, facebook, fuck you.

If I could delete your servers IP addresses and MAC addresses from all the routing tables and amputate the lot of you from the internet, I would. Tit for tat. You don’t let the rest of the internet in, the rest of the internet should amputate your dumb ass right the fuck off. Fuck you.

If you’re on facebook, you should get the fuck off that trainwreck. Facebook aims to destroy the internet. Kill facebook.

I’m adding this to my /etc/hosts file:      facebook.com

That’s pretty much what facebook looks like to non-members anyhow, so, same difference.

~ by scaryreasoner on December 17, 2009.

One Response to “Hey facebook? Fuck you. Die facebook die.”

  1. Found a subliminal message on the facebook frontpage. No wonder this site is so popular.

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